What Are Some Yoga Tips to Teach You to Breathe Properly?

As you know Yoga can teach you to breathe, exercise and stay fit, both inside and out. An intelligent combination requires breathing and involving movements, in the world of Yoga. With the use of this article, discover how breathing can benefit you under the teachings of Yoga.

It is said that humans breathe about 15 times per minute, which is close to 21,600 times on an everyday basis. The significance of breathing is important and then comes the skill to master it. To do that, yogic breathing is a great way to relieve the conditions like sinus, or heart issues, respiratory disorders, stomach ailments, digestion problems, and what not?

Make your mental, physical and spiritual self-aligned with the quality and teachings of Yoga. To learn the basic techniques, one can join the Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, as the Yoga courses in India are extremely popular in the world for their authentic, and original Vedic teachings.

Learn how to breathe properly with Yoga

This may sound very lame to you, and you might even choose to ignore this article. That's what we are doing, focusing on the fancy stuff, dreaming about the unproductive nature, and not focusing on the little yet beneficial forces of the world.

The art of living is best described by the treasure it holds in the smallest of things. Breathing is often overlooked as a common, obvious phenomenon or a way of surviving, but people shut their eyes before they see the science behind it. It is cool to explore, but cooler if you explore yourself first, because if you don't know how you function, how will you ever know how the world functions? So, learning a correct way to breathe or a more efficient way to extract the natural benefits from the environment is the way to go.

Steps to breathe correctly with Yoga

● Pranayama or you may call it "deep-breathing" exercise, is like the wick of the candle. It means you are giving life to yourself. The more you breathe, the more you refresh yourself. Now, the basic trick to get rid of the stress, anxiety, tension, depression, and such negativities from your body and mind is done by following a simple technique.

Take a deep breath to a slow count of 1 to 4, then hold for breath for 4 more counts, and then remember to release (not in a hurry), rather again to the count of 4. Now, imagine that whenever you breathe in, you attract all the positive energies, when you breathe out, you let go of all the negative qualities.

● You must have noticed that when you are calm, you take slow breaths, but when you are hyperactive, then you take short and fast breaths. If you consciously become aware of your breath, then you can control the frequency or the speed of it, which will directly affect your behavior via the nerves of your brain.

● Breathing can relax your body, and activate the blocked channels in your body through the "Alternate Nostril breathing". This practice re-energizes and rewards both the parts of your brain. It fixes the damaged parts of the brain by sending clean signals through the sensory nerves. The activity of every cell in the body is linked and influenced by the performance of the brain.

● Lift your chest, and inhale. This practice will open up your heart chakra, if done regularly it will also improve the capacity of the lungs, inflating the untouched parts of your inner body with your prana-worthy breath. Let the energy flow, and reach out to all the organs of your body and mind.

● Kapalbhati or the ‘Breath of Fire' is the rapid breathing technique which boosts up the functioning of the nervous system. Researchers found out that Kapalbhati has resulted in producing surprising benefits for the human mind like a better sense of clarity, improved decision-making, and raised concentration.

These are some of the many Yoga tips which will help you to breathe properly and keep your physical and mental health in good condition. It can also be learned and experienced during the Yoga retreat in Rishikesh.

This article was published on 13.08.2019 by Rishikul Yogshala
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