What can you potentially achieve as a Founder in OnPassive??***

Everyone consider the possibility of this*** which is highly likely yet conservative****

If at the END of 12 months after the hard Launch of OnPassive launching to the world,*{still waiting to find out when that will be of course]  ONPASSIVE generated 100 customers for you, and this is of course a very CONSERVATIVE estimate, and these customers choose to become resellers AND at the end of your 2ND year ONPASSIVE generates 100 Customers for each of those 100 Resellers then YOU, yes you,  would have 10,100 customers on your team.  

Keep in mind that there are Founders who will have 10,000 customers on DAY ONE of Hard Launch yes, on day one!!   Many will have 1000 by the end of their 1st 12 months.  

I am Painting You A Very CONSERVATIVE Picture but let's continue, imagine the 3rd year when another 100 customers are placed beneath those 10 000 then  that will give you 1 million, yip one MILLION people in your network after just 3 short years!  Now if you get paid just USD1 for each person in your network, you will be earning a cool million.  

Am I effectively illustrating the power of replication, duplication and leverage?  We are living in the best of times to be taking the power of the internet and AI yes, artificial intelligence to take our business to the next level in the fastest way!  OnPassive is AI with HEART, powered by a team of passionate people that want to make a difference in the lives of others.  Yes, we want to improve our lives but with OnPassive as a Founder you can do SOOOOoooo much more!  In that lies the true power of this system.  Dare to dream big.  The bigger the dream, the bigger the team and OnPassive is growing daily!  Do not hesitate on this one cause it really is a DONE DEAL!!  You cannot lose with OnPassive!  

Are you from the 97% that is not making income online or are you of the 3% that are or will be?  It all starts with a positive mindset!  With OnPassive you are guaranteed to succeed, yes you will be forced to be successful so what do you have to do to succeed?  Just get in, join!!  

IF you position yourself for success, you will succeed!  

Over 571000 have seen the value of being a Founder in OnPassive, are you next?  Get in it to win it and hold on tight, its a rollercoaster ride!  Buckle up and all aboard!  The journey to ultimate success begins with your belief in the sytem.  This system can take you to heights beyond your wildest imaginations.  Come and be a part of the OnPassive movement and you will move in the direction of achieving your dreams that much faster and in a bigger way, than you could have imagined!  Your life can change with one click

This article was published on 16.03.2021 by Charmaine MacDonald
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