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Feeling a little less than fulfilled with your current business opportunity, or perhaps completely let down?

Would recruiting and management of sales associates be a lot easier if you could have…

* NO Cost to Join Program, 

* NO Cost for Sales Kit, 

* Zero cost to be an affiliate

* FREE personalized professional website with product pages and shopping cart, 

* FREE recruiting page explaining pay program and opportunities,  and control panel for your site

* NO Monthly member fee, 

* NO website fees, 

* NO required minimum purchase

* Instant real time performance data on your recruiting and sales

What about sales performance… would explaining earnings potential and actually hitting your earnings goals be easier if the pay plan were not a nightmare to explain, not to mention heavily tilted? 

Here’s what I mean:

Your opportunity should make sure everyone wins. Binaries are HORRIBLE and most people never make money in them. PERIOD. Binaries have insane breakage to the company. That means the COMPANY KEEPS THE $$$.

Great compensation plans are simple and designed to work for everyone including the little guy without much or any experience.

This also means NO left leg or right legs to build and having to make decisions of where to place people or balancing. The system should automatically places everyone at the best position for you to maximize your compensation.

Does your opportunity pay out 100% of CV. No Breakage. Complete Transparency.

IMPORTANT – Leaders should be able to make money GUILT free because they do so by lifting up others who also make money, rather than making money off of others.

How about product? Here are factors you should always consider…

Is your product attractively priced or does your company greedily hang on to a fixed margin of profit while the sales force struggles to sell at a higher price because your “partner” company treats the cost of sales as an add on?

Is your product quality world class with stringent quality control and 60 day money back guarantee?

Is your product in the hottest emerging market of 2018?

Do you have tens of thousands of successful testimonials already available to you?

And last of all, is your product being launched by a well financed, world class organization with highly experienced management offering both training and an immediate "how to do, what to do" action plan? 

If your current opportunity does not offer ALL of the above benefits, FREE, it’s time to check us out: bit.ly/opportunity_rocks

This article was published on 16.04.2018 by Glenn Sitter
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CTFO - CBD OIL from Hemp, Free to join

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