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My opinion on recyclix

Recyclix looks wonderful, but when you start researching it. You actually ask yourself why the rating is so low. Recyclix is a Poland recycling business taking advantage of multi level network for their supply finances and their sales network at the same time without you being involved in the sales process.

What is recyclix and how does it work?
Recyclix is an investment opportunity in Poland. The controversy over the legitimacy of this great company and it's success is based on the difference between Poland's laws and other countries laws. Also, their unwillingness to involve time proving the business locations, stats and others. Recyclix sells to crowdfunders 0.20$ kg waste in order to transform in into granules worth 0.60$ kg and earn yourself 25% of the process. The crowdfunders work with their own member's waste maximum quota, time of production and choices.

Members can invite new referrals and earn a % on their deposits.

After researching what's validating the trustworthiness of recyclix:

Recyclix has distribution centers and is willing to take granules orders on their members website too and sharing their locations.

Recyclix recently opened new offices worldwide in many different country, showing it's willingness to go international with it's crowdfunding opportunity and terms. Also proving the model could work using the depreciation of lower countries dollars and appreciation of the euro market to improve profitability of the company.

Recyclix has paid members what they are owed. If you don't count in the people who used the bonus money and past the trial period of 60 days with it and been terminated for it, everybody has been.

After researching what's not validating the trustworthiness of recyclix:

The unwillingness to share factory locations or proving the opportunity. People sometimes see this as a red flag, but if you realize people can invest as low as 1 Euro, why would they waste precious time answering questions about the risk involved in that 1 Euro investment. They might also let their factories be a secret so their employees can work freely or so that they keep their list of providers and buyers secret.

The risk involved in being a unsecured creditor and crowdfunder of a foreign business might seem like a lot to cope with. For my part I recommend taking the risk in consideration, putting walk around money in it and taking out your profits as soon as possible until you got your investment back and you are rolling on profits.

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This article was published on 07.09.2016 by Francois-Pierre Galarneau
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