Perpetual Residual Income Builder

When your company's focus is on building customers and giving them a first class experience in every area, then there is no need for selling. 

This is why Ibuumerang is on schedule to have over 1 million customers by March 2020- this is from a company that was officially launched in August. 

How is this happening? simple- Travel ambassadors don't sell anything, they just give out free access and customer love discounted travel.  Which leads to a win-win, every time that customer travels, then the ambassador earns income based on the travel discounts. 

Perpetual residual income builder- now it is easy to see how this works. You hand out good will and it just keeps coming back to you. Because every one loves discounted travel and makes for loyal customers and customers share with their friends. 

But Ibuumerang doesn't stop there- Now we are rolling out in December with ridesharing - called Vibe Rides.. If you missed the opportunity to invest in Uber or Lyft, then this is your time. Vibe Rides is being launched and the perpetual income builder is tied in also. Already know an uber or lyft driver, then they can be driving for Vibe rides- the best part is the residual income just keeps building. 

What else is down the pipes? A-Lot, don't miss this opportunity to join in on the "Amazon" of network marketing. 

If you are any where in the world, this is for you. Already in a business- don't worry this is the perfect business for you. If you are business savvy, then you will recognize how this perpetual residual income model will change all that you have ever done within network marketing.. 

Never owned or been in business- don't worry, we have a proven system that works, all at your fingertips. We work as a family and no one is left behind. 

Watch this presentation and make sure to get back with me. The world is at your fingertips.  ( might need to cut and paste in your favorite browser)

Also check out my website at

What is your goal? To be a solid income builder for you and your family? Why not pass on a legacy.. Not many mlms can say  that, but now you can.. 

This article was published on 02.12.2019 by Judith Bramble
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IBummarang - travel, 49.95 USD to join

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