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How To Win The 3 Card Monte of Business Success

You've seen the game, haven't you?

It's usually in a small corner of a public park in a big city. The wily card manipulator keeps them constantly moving while providing a steady stream of friendly banter.

He'll never tell you what you should know already.

The game is rigged. It's a sleight of hand trick. Even if you watch intently with laser focus, you can't see what he's doing. It's because of how your mind works. Knowing what he's doing won't help. The hand is quicker than the eye.

When it comes to providing information to your growing horde of fans, you've got to learn a new kind of 3 Card Monte.

You've got to use different platforms at different times, watch what you say and how you say it, always on the lookout for the SJW Trolls. These are the people with lives so boring and useless, they have to cause other folks pain to get a sense of accomplishment.

Unfortunately, the world is being run by those types right now. Things will change as they always do, but we can't wait for anyone or anything else if we intend to not only survive but thrive in the current environment.

Your mission is to rescue as many people as you can and steer them in the right direction. What's the right direction? Yours, of course.

You may not be right on everything, or even most things. But there are people out there who agree with you and are waiting for You to step up and show them things can be better.

To show your fans a better way, you've got to have a base of operations. A place they can go to find you and enter your world.

You've got to have a Hub.

Your Hub is the core of your online marketing empire. Think of it as a castle on a hill. In the valley is your village of dedicated fans. Your domain is surrounded by 100 ft walls, with guard towers and a drawbridge to allow entry over the moat.

It's your world on the interwebs. You call the shots. You can't be canceled, because you own it. All of your intellectual property is contained in your fortress. There are no censor-happy morons choosing what you can or can't say.

It's your domain, and you're the Ruler.

To get started building your domain, enter Vault 69 and stake your claim here

This article was published on 15.01.2022 by Dave Kotecki
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