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Lead Poverty vs Lead Abundance

Now that we're all in business (or doing business and marketing tactics), most of us find that it is difficult to develop consistent weekly/monthly income from the comfort of our home!  This is primarily due to the fact that we must develop ourselves, skillsets, and mindset in order to earn.

The skillset I'm referring to is being afforded an opportunity to operate from LEAD ABUNDANCE instead of LEAD POVERTY.


It's when you're beginning in an Industry that requires a great positive mental attitude in order to have the MINDSET necessary to have people to talk with for your income opportunity.  You, likely, have a wonderful income opportunity, and now it's your job to turn it into a business where others can follow you.

However, if you're in the No Friend Left (NFL) club or only been trying to sponsor your friends and family, you're likely frustrated and wondering how to get your initial investment back.

Well, you're definitely not going to want to wake up in the morning anymore without a clear definitive way to have a slew of people to talk to and a plan and daily method of operation/blueprint to work through them.


Now, lead abundance is operating your income opportunity from a COMPLETE HAPPY PLACE.

Imagine this, you wake up in the morning (Monday - Friday) or whichever days you've determine to prospect, and you do your Daily Method of Operation (DMO) and call at least 50 to 100 numbers in order to find five to 10 new people who will take a look at your income opportunity.

This is what's going to matter to your bottomline and allow you to keep going strong to building your Referral Marketing Empire with zeal, not stressing about money, and losing heart.

Can you see how that works?  So let me ask you...

Do you want to operate from Lead Poverty or Lead Abundance?

I believe you answered that question...


You are going to need to be mentored no matter how successful you've been in the past.  You are going to need to EDUCATE YOURSELF!

I want to be a part of your Success Team by showing you the key ingredients you're going to need to add to your Referral Marketing that will help you succeed when you implement the strategies.  Education is one thing, but you're going to need to EXECUTE!  I guarantee you this!

So how can I show you the MARKETING STRATEGIES & EDUCATION needed to have success?

Click the words Marketing Strategies & Education above!

These free video will explain everything you're going to need to succeed in our AMAZING Internet Marketing Industry PLUS help you be able to afford to advertise your business online in order to take massive action and to create tremendous success!

You may be like me...

I'm not motivated by money at all!  I'm motivated by systems and processes which allow me to help a lot of people and earn a lot of money because I help people. 

If that's the case, we're going to be best of friends because you're a helpful person and not a greedy, needy person.  You'll do well in our Industry!

Go there now -- Click Here for 7-day Trial and/or call me at (800)209-1389 right now!

This article was published on 08.12.2018 by Kamayah Israel
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Kamayah Israel Thanks Stuart!  7 months ago
Stuart M Clark Hi Kimberly, I completely agree. In order to succeed it requires 200% commitment. 100% to your team. And 100% from the company.  7 months ago

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