How to Profit from our NEW Greener Oil Well Pumps

Wouldn't it be great to clean up THOUSANDS of those old and rusted oil wells across the world?

A fast growing company based in the Houston, Texas area has made it possible for the "average Joe or Josephine" to earn profits from oil well production. Starting in Louisiana and Texas first, the Solar Oil Project has begun scrapping the rusted and very hard to maintain oil pumps and replacing them with a much more efficient way to extract oil from the ground.

These old oil rigs are not only an eye sore, but some leak toxic fumes into the environment and are a health hazard for ground water. The current way to remove the oil pumps is to recycle the steel and fill the drilled hole with concrete. This process is very expensive. In Texas alone, reports have come out that the state tax pays will have to pay up to $117 Billion to cap them all.

This is where we come in and save the tax payers and the oil well owners huge amounts of money and start producing oil again. The original well owner now has a previously non functioning oil well come back to produce two to sixty barrels of oil per day. 

The work to get the wells going again is not our concern (thank goodness). There is a division of the company that does all of that work.

The profits are shared between the original owner, the construction company, the project owners and you the investor. 

We have a short and sweet 3 minute video to get an overview here...

The company website and my referral link is...

My team hold Zoom presentations several times per week and can arrange private group meetings as needed. I have leaders on my team on both coasts and my business partner and I are located in Texas. 

The minimum investment to get started is only $20. 

I recommend that people start with whichever amount that they are comfortable with. 

A good strategy is to begin with at least $100 and begin sharing this unique opportunity with everyone. 

Please realize that many of the people that you share this with will ask how you started and will most likely duplicate your decision. The good news is that you can add to your amount of oil shares at any time.

I have personally shook hands with one of the two owners here in Houston. 

I am excited for my and my team's future wealth! 

Thanks for reading.


This article was published on 02.05.2021 by Andrew Farrell
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Solar Oil Project - Oil Wells/Crypto, 20 USD to join

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