Solo Ads are Dead!

The old way of marketing simply of posting your link all over social media and expecting sales, DOES NOT WORK. Trust Me, I did it for years and today it gets me nothing. No clicks,No sales.

The old ways marketing of simply buying overpriced solo ads from some so-called guru and expecting sales, DOES NOT WORK. This do not work if your offer is not free. Solo Ads still work if what you are selling is FREE, but then why would you sell something FREE, how would you make money? Solo Ads may get you the clicks, but from experience, seldom gets you the sale(right away).

The old ways marketing of simply buying leads and expecting them to buy from you right away, I hate to tell you this, DOES NOT WORK. I bought thousands and thousands of leads thinking they would just be ready with card in hand to buy. Many of them did not want to buy anything and some were even quite hostile.

How many times have you seen a link on social media or seen an ad on a website and ACTUALLY clicked on it? Probably not that often is my guess .

People want real connections & genuine value!

The more value you add the more sales you make, simple equation!!

Why do you think these artists and sports players get paid an insane amount of money to endorse products.

Why do you think companies like Coke, McDonald's, Addidas, Walt Disney etc. pay celebrities millions to feature their brand on their social accounts?

It’s because they realize that people are pretty much immune to tons of ads they see daily.

So they leverage influencers and celebrities to sell and promote their products…

Because they ACTUALLY have a connection with their audience!

And that’ the exact approach you need to take if you’re trying to build an online business.

I struggled for many many years before I grasp this concept and paid dearly for it, losing well over 20K
online over the years in my quest to work from home.

You do not have to follow my foot steps and make all the mistakes I made. You can now take the shortcut and go right to the solution. The things that work. The real everyday things that people like myself and top earners and using to make real income online. 

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Ashield Hodge

This article was published on 06.12.2019 by Ashield Hodge
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