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About Me

 “hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.”

In the spirit of helping inspire you to see the light, no matter what your current situation or reason for darkness may be, let me tell you the reason why I started Heartfelt Elite Living, and why I joined Xpirient. 

Being in a country that I did not grow up in, all by myself with no family, I always look for more than one way of income, it is a necessity. This is not just for me, as I have no one to fall back on but myself, it is something that any financial advisor will tell you to do as well in these times. Have at least three sources of income, as again, we live in unpredictable times.

Then of course considering Belgium and Europe, in general, has a high cost of living so, as a good penny pincher, I always try to get the good deals, I LIVE for a good deal. So, for me, all the savings that we get and cash back options are just “amazing”.

If you ever traveled to Europe, I am sure you visited more than one country, as they are all so close together. Yes, I have too, I have been to France, Germany, the Canary Islands, Spain, The Netherlands, and Luxembourg, to name a few, and have been there many times. 

Having the opportunity to “work from home” have all these savings, and when I was shown the business side of this package, I discovered how flexible it was, I just knew this was the right fit for me. I did not have to give up my full-time job, my college studies, or time with my friends, and I could grow this business at the speed that I wanted to.

Being in business for so long I did not start out with “sell and run” at the same time. I did a lot of self-development at first, and I have to say, the company gives you the freedom and the support to run your business as you see fit. Having help and support around me, weekly calls, and even quarterly events with the new and breaking products, team trips, and specials just keep your blood pumping and your motivation going.

The fact that I am motivated by incredible people around me every day, does not just make the Xpirient team members peers but family. This makes me, even more, laser-focused on my future, and can’t wait to achieve my goals, financial stability, lots of amazing destination trips, and most of all see my team members thrive and be motivated to help other people as well.

My Business.

The Heartfelt Elite Living company is built on the words that represent the business name. We are here to provide a heartfelt way to assist you in a better way of living life to the fullest. To enjoy an elite way of doing it, and to leave a legacy for the living you leave behind after your passing.

These are trying times for many and the world as we know it is changing. Being able to assist people to maintain or improve their quality of living and helping in any way I can is my goal in life.

Heartfelt Elite Living offers the “Smart Money Club” where it is our goal to have no one ever pay retail anything again! Our variety of products vary from cash back on everything, Health products that are high-quality CBD based, access to 24/7 video conference doctors’ assistance, unbelievable savings on everything, and so many other amazing benefits that are unheard of.

As a Business extraordinaire, Network marketer, Business assistant, provider of assistance with Business starters, and Builder of Rock star teams with an amazing amount of training and a family of support, we are here to either improve your way of life or help you start your own franchise, the choice is yours.

Here is the best proof of how dedicated our company is to the joy and success of our members and business partners. If you choose to join before the first week of February, we will give you a complimentary trip of up to $4000 for 4 people. And there are many amazing destinations to choose from.

Want to hear more? Come and join me at one of our events or reach me for a one-on-one, and learn about our amazing membership packages and business opportunities.

See you soon!!

Ilse, Heartfelt Elite Living

This article was published on 23.01.2023 by Ilse York
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Heartfelt Elite Living for xpiri - Health, travel, cash, 199 USD to join
Build a legacy with XPIRIENT and become a part of the Heartfelt Elite living team. In these hard times we want to bring you, additional income. Cash back on everything. Luxurious travel, health products, financial and relationship guidance and More

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