Benefits of Topical Use of CBD Products

What are the benefits of using CBD products Topically (on the skin) verses ingestion and inhalation. 

  There are a few great uses for CBD topical therapy. Most notable would be that of those who suffer from arthritis as they age as topical application on the sore joints can help tremendously alleviate pain associated with arthritis.

  Then we go into more of the unwanted realistic topic of the natural aging process. Applying good quality CBD skin creams and butter or salves to our skin can help moisturize, heal and even tighten skin as it helps to rejuvenating live skin cells and help in the production of new healthy cells.

  Lastly one of the most common uses of topical application of CBD is for the active. Whether you are a weekend warrior or a professional athlete or your job is physically strenuous then CBD can help ease the pain from over used and aching muscles as well and help the healing and recovery time to be shortened as well.

  With all of these benefits added to how many health issues CBD has show to help with from of course anxiety, pain, blood pressure, blood sugar, seizures and many more there is no reason CBD is growing tremendously as more and more people find out for themselves by trying the products.

 The issue I have with this is a lot of companies are selling inferior products that will not give the therapeutic effect that can be obtained from a good quality natural/organic CBD product that is extracted correctly from good quality organic industrial hemp plants. Always look on the site you may have chosen for whatever reason for the basics all reputable CBD companies will show. 1 Natural/Organically sourced. 2 Offer a full-spectrum product ( CBD isolates have there place and are beneficial but with a full-spectrum product your results for most things will be much better), the product should be Co2 extracted from the plant to ensure quality and consistently the best products as to prevent removing very little of the natural nourishment from the plant itself. Then all reputable companies will disclose a third part lab results of their products to show you what amount and quality their CBD is. If they lack any of these things I would keep searching for another company as why waste money and risk not getting the benefits you could be getting.

  In conclusion even CBD in the forms of Oil, Creams, Salves, Lotions and more can greatly benefits many of us in all age groups to help ease any pain and make our bodies keep up with time a little better. Thanks for reading and if you have any questions concerning the use of CBD please feel free to message me.

This article was published on 15.03.2019 by Jeffrey Hartzog
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