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We will make good money with you, thanks to copying the best investments.

I am interested in expanding the circle of communication with literate and aspiring people. Therefore, I will share information by the fact, by personal example. Our topic is alternative investments and financial evolution.

How to make millions to enjoy life? Everything is quite simple for those who follow my news, copy the best investments in a timely manner with a light click of buttons on selected links in order to effectively solve their life tasks.

As the head of a multi-investment project, as an advanced investor, I have allocated my 100 000 according to a selected portfolio Vaneckcapital.com. Now you can see the weekly and annual increase in the capital of a particular person with selected portfolio in real time. And if you copy our best investments, you will earn great money with us.

So, I divide the capital of 100 000 into 4 parts: 30% in low-risk, 40% in medium-risk, 25% in high-risk and 5% in test investments. We select the best for the portfolio and act flexibly, enter projects, skim the cream, exit and invest to new projects, according to our unique sci-fi strategy. It's like we're dancing, catching trends.

First of all, 5% of the capital, 5 000, goes to testing new investment opportunities, the best of which I will add to the presented portfolio. 5 projects are in test mode now.

30%, 30 000, I have invested in two low-risk projects with a decent history. These are Solid Trade Bank (my investment is 20 000) with 2% profit per week and Amir Capital (my investment is 0,25 BTC) with 0,5-1% profit per week. This is a quiet investment. On BTC, I predict an additional exchange rate income.

For 2 weeks of August, I received 800 and 0,0025 BTC from these projects, respectively.

This part of the capital should double in a year with minimal risk. 30 000 will turn into 55-60 000. This is my stable reserve.

The probability of compliance with the yield is 99%.

I invest 40%, 40 000, to four interesting medium-risk projects.

This is Zion Finance with a plan 0,5% profit daily. My 0,25 BTC here should give me a profit plus 0,45 BTC annual. For 2 weeks of August, I received 0,0175 BTC, fine.

The DeFi team of the Ether Connect project also pays 10-17,5% profit monthly, plus the possibility of multiple growth of the ECC token is announced, which can increase the incremented capital by several times. Let's it happen. For the time being, I plan to get from an investment of 20 000 according to a pessimistic scenario plus 43 750, according to an optimistic one - plus 100 000 annual. For two weeks in August, the project brought me 1 750.

I invested 5 000 each in the Yacht Company with 1% per day profit and the Car Company with 0,8% per day profit. For the year, I expect 18 200 and 14 000 profits from them, respectively. For the first 2 weeks, I received plus 700 and plus 560.

Even if only half of these projects work, I will get 211%, cool.

The probability of compliance with the yield is 75%.

25%, 25 000, I invest in amazing projects with steep declared profits and, naturally, in this case, with increased risk. Now there are 3 such projects in portfolio.

Cloner with 5,3% per day, principal included. I place 2 ETH in it. Annual plan to earn 34,50 ETH. For half of August I received 1,48 ETH, everything is ok, great, by the end of the month we are going to breakeven.

10 000 I invest in Coin Terra in the plan of 4,5% per day, principal included. Annual plan plus 145 000. For half of August I got 6 300, great.

And a fully automatic project that deserves attention, Albet received 5 000 both from me in two different plans. Gambling plan is a 9,5% per week, with weekly capital turnover. Annual plan plus 18 750 profit. For half of August I received plus 950, the deposit turned around 2 times. G.X75 plan with 3 355% after 75 working days. I plan to invest 3 times during the year and make a profit of 12,2813 BTC. Invested 0,1250 BTC in this plan. I expect the payment of the deposit with a profit of 4,1937 BTC in November.

These are not the most damn risky projects with alluring super profits. So I analyze and seize the moment. Even if a third of high-risk projects work out as planned, I will do 10X on capital.

The probability of compliance with the yield is estimated at 50%.

For the half of August, my total income was 15 570.

In total, an investment of 100 000 diversified into 9 projects and selection should give an annual profit of about 857 200 plus additional bonuses. I will try to make a million. With a million, I and my life are much more interesting both for myself and for others. And these are new horizons, new joys.

Part of my investment is in crypto, and the income on them is in crypto, which has the potential for additional profit in a year's perspective.

Also I receive referral bonuses 0,5-20% from client’s investments.

I will calculate the data monthly. In the next post, I'll tell you more about select investment projects in our portfolio and about my income from them.

Subscribe, comment and think about how your life will change with copying the best investments. More money and more free time fill the brain with unforgettable experiences. I know what poverty is and what wealth is, and in any situation I choose wealth.

Copy the best investments Vaneckcapital.com, develop your network and be happy with a stable passive income!

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This article was published on 31.08.2021 by Zlatosvet Varlamoff
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