Why Become a Damsel Pro

Why should you become a Damsel Protégé? To help equip others with the right tools of safety for each situation they may come across, to help empower others so that they get the better hands on their attackers and to educate others in ways to be aware of their surroundings and how to use the tools for a more efficient form of self protection. Safehearts is a collection geared to teaching children how to be safe in what would be dangerous sexual situations and how to avoid becoming victims to those that they know. With our Concealed handbag collection, we provide stylish and multi-tasking ways of using the line. While you are carrying your kids around, or going to business meetings or just traveling, you can stock up your protection in the hidden pockets while still using your handbags for other purposes.  Traveling? Using the Junk in the Trunk for every situation that comes up. Stranded? Need a jump? First aid kit, emergency blanket, flashlight, even a roadside tool flashlight that has flares and alarms to help notify that you need help.  College student? Stash your keys, pepper spray and striking tool within what looks like a simple can of hair spray.  There is a vast array of tools that you can combine to make sure you are kept safe. Work out late at night? Walk home alone? Stay at home parent? Have alarms set around the house, wear whistles that look just like necklaces,  or carry alarms that fit in your pocket. 

With the past decades of school shootings, there are even backpack inserts that are bulletproof as well as backpacks. We hate that we have to, but again, safety is important for everyone.  

There isn't a universal weapon for safety when it comes down to it, but with my help you can build an amazing protection for less than $100. 

We are here to help others learn ways to be safe and how to protect their families. Follow me on Fb @warriormama35.

Click on my link and see what can help you. 


Want to join? Click the link below and let's get your career on its way! Part time, full time, something just for fun, it's all here! 


This article was published on 24.04.2020 by Beth Workman
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