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Able to Get Leads but Struggling to Get Sales? What You Might be Missing...

There are definitely quite a few people in the networking industry that have a hard time getting leads for their business promotions.

But let's say that you as the reader are not one of them.

You can get leads fairly consistently in your business and you might even get a couple of signups here or there.

But in the grand scheme of it all, too many people just seem to opt in to check your business out but then never do anything after that.

So what gives?

Getting leads in your business is one thing. But it's entirely different in regards to FOLLOWING UP with those same people.

So here's the crazy thing...

Even with all of the information your company gives in its business presentations, only about 3% of people on average will sign up on the first exposure to a business opportunity.

So in theory you'd need about 100 opt-ins for only about 3-5 signups.

And for you to get about 100 leads, you'd need to be pretty dang good at catching people's attention. And that's easier said than done given all the distractions the present has to offer.

So what's missing? Or better yet, how can we get more people to sign up for our business while needing to generate less leads to make that happen?

Well we've all been told that "the fortune is in the follow-up."

The difference here is what you use to make that follow up happen.

And in this case, you actually might be missing what's known as a CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

To find out how a CRM can massively help your business, you can click here to check out the short video explaining how CRM will transform your business by getting more sales.

For those not aware of CRM, it is one of the best tools to keep track of all of your leads that have expressed interest in your opportunity.

When somebody opts into your business presentation, you now have the ability to keep track on their progress and stay in direct contact with your leads for as long as you need to.

"But my company already follows up with them with their own company emails" I might hear some people say.

That's great but it completely lacks personal touch. Network marketing at the end of the day is a Relationship Business.

And the less of a personal touch, the less likely someone will buy into the opportunity.

Having an actual CRM system will always keep you and your prospects close and will be able to keep their interest relatively high when you keep in contact with them.

It's been said that about 80% of sales usually happen between 8 and 12 exposures.

So it does require some consistency to get the most sales you can get.

However, having a CRM will make it way easier for you to keep track of how many exposures you've made to your prospect and where they still are in their decision making process.

If you've been getting leads but no sales, having a CRM might be the answer you've been looking for.

And before you get hung up on how much it costs, a 10 day trial only costs you $10 to try out.

So you've got plenty of time to play around with it before you decide to make it a long term tool to your arsenal. 

So if you think having a CRM system might be the solution you need for your sales woes, you can click here to get you hands on your very own and very affordable customer relationship management system.

This article was published on 21.07.2021 by Kevin Williams
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