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The Road Less Traveled

Many have read and often quoted the poem from Robert Frost, The Road Less Traveled. Often times you would see a picture depicting a fork in the woods or some roadway up ahead. Which way should we go, which direction should we take, what is the best decision? The author penned, that he 'took the one less traveled. In some ways you and I as fellow entrepreneurs have made that choice and taken the road less traveled as well. What brought us to this choice and why did we make it? I know you will all agree, it was the need and want for something better, and a way to make life simpler and easier, while providing a better lifestyle for ourselves, families and friends. For some this decision has been a long and winding road, with frustrations, fears, disappointments, ridicule from others, and sometimes moments of wondering if you were just not made for success.

Yes I know, that does not sound very encouraging, and can even lead to us to doubting our sanity. For most financial success is very difficult to achieve, even when you believe in what you are doing and try so hard to share your dream with others. We see others succeeding and wonder why not me? Can you relate to what I am saying? I think you can.

For me, my choice to make my own way, to become an entrepreneur has been a life course, that like in the Robert Frost poem, a road less traveled that has made all the difference.  Yes a long and winding road of business ownership that has taken me on quite the journey. Has every opportunity brought the success I hoped for? No, it has not. There have been those that produced incredible financial rewards and those that would wind up being huge financial losses. However all were valuable learning experiences that have given me unusual insight into the world of business and people.

This includes the world of MLM, multi-level-marketing (and what a misnomer that is) or as some call it, direct sales. It has taken me to many countries around the world and I have met some incredibly wonderful people along the way. A reward that has meant a lot more to me than money. Money, yes a lot of money.  Independent entrepreneur like you? Yes. Investor and company owner? Yes, many times. That is why I am writing this. You see, because of being an independent like you, as an investor and executive of several corporations, including MLM companies, I am able to see and appreciate what it takes, from both sides of the coin. The distributor side and the company side.

Both are lot of work, but only one carries high financial risk, and that is the company side. Yes, independent marketers spend some money to join and then buy some products.  For the few that actually treat their home based business as a business (which most do not) they invest many hours of their valuable time. Even so, there is little financial risk and virtually no liability.

Believe it or not, it is extremely expensive and stressful to create a network marketing company, and the more successful the company becomes, the more expensive, stressful and challenging it becomes to manage too. I have a lot of respect for anyone who ventures to create a legitimate business venture that can provide people with quality products and services and the potential to earn a worthwhile, if not life-changing income.  It is not easy, far from it.

Most of you who reading this have chosen to join and promote something because someone you know recommended it, and the primary reason was to increase your income. It is difficult to know if you made the right choice. Will people want and benefit from the products or services I recommend? Will I really make some money? Is this going to simple? Can I really become wealthy? Will it be hard to do and if so, will someone help me? Sure, I'm reading your mail, I understand all too well.

I know I am rambling a bit and so perhaps I should get to the point. I look at every opportunity that comes my way. I look at the Company. I look at who is managing it. I look at the products and services to see if they have real value. I look at whether or not there is broad market appeal and international demand. I look at their business model and compensation plan and if their are any statistics, what percentage of the people are making a worthwhile income. Is there something for everyone? Really? 

So what can I recommend after deciding to get back into this crazy industry after being non-recruitable for many years? Just one company, the one I should have joined years ago. Yes it is the one company that people are flocking to, including beginning entrepreneurs and industry leaders and legends as well. Take a look and I believe you will like what you see. We are here to help should you decide to join us. I am looking for people who take action and lead by example. You have already taken the Road Less Traveled, now get on the path to success.

Yes it is free to join. Here is the success link:

This article was published on 13.09.2022 by Shelby And Candice Langston
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