Investment of a LIFETIME!

Change your financial situation, fix that credit, and work towards “no more 9-5 for me.” Who is tired of hard work? Answering to a boss? Why not become your own? The house you’re looking at for your family. The car you’ve been dreaming about. The business you want to open. You have to start SOMEWHERE. The company I work for is MyEcon and it is a credit restoration company that helps delete debts such as phone bills, credit card balances, STUDENT LOANS, the WORKS. Anything that Is hindering your credit score from it’s full potential. We also have income shifting for those of us with a 9 to 5. What this does is it helps us get a few more dollars added to our tax returns. MyEcon teaches you these amazing ways to better your financial situation. You could get up to $400 dollars back monthly from your checks. The company also has cash back mall and discounts on vacation/travel. Wouldn’t it be great to get money back on your purchases from Walmart, Target, etc.? 

Now, on the team building side, you can get paid commissions for helping the company bring in more business by posting ads on social media or however you chose to market. Whether selling products or “putting someone on” to the company to bring in business, you get paid! You get paid for teams sales and product sales. Whatever you do for this company, you get paid. After 5 months, you get paid in residuals. 

There is absolutely no experience required. Training is thorough step-by-step and you ALWAYS have a helping hand right next to you. 

Now, let’s talk about fees. Yes, there is one. It is a membership fee of $49.95. It covers the website hosting, the licensing to advertise for the company, cash back mall, and all other features granted to us. I will be your sponsor/mentor. You will go through a brief training, and you will then be an influencer and reap all of our benefits such as Cashback on shopping, discounted travel (any type of travel), Credit Restoration, Health and Nutrition, Roadside Assistance, ID Defender, Along with Debt Elimination kit, & Credit Repair tools to fix your credit yourself to save yourself $200+ & earn a income of $300-$1000+ weekly. Yes. You can work from ANYWHERE!! Literally!!! And, on your OWN TIME! We also have strategic team meetings weekly, monthly promotions, and daily motivation.

Here is my link so you can venture through and see what we offer! Messages are available if for any questions at all:

(US Residents Only) 

This article was published on 15.04.2019 by Erin Johnson
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MyEcon - Credit restoration, 49.95 USD to join

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