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HQO Is the Cadillac and/or Mercedes of all ionizers. We strive to change the world's drinking water with one glass at a time. The HQO is the most advanced ionized water system due to three main reasons:

1.Quality Filtration

2.Power Supply

3. Size Of Surface Of Platinum Plates

Its like having your very own antioxidant mountain springs right attached to your kitchen sink. We all know how dangerous plastic bottles are not only to the environments but our health as well. The chemicals used to make plastic bottles leeches into our the water, then we drink it and this water not only fills our body with toxins but also strips our bodies natural mineral storage and flushes them out. Reverse Osmoses and distilled water poses even more of a problem.

The HQO filters in the device removes all contaminates including bacteria, herbicides, pesticides, chlorine and all other unmentioned contaminates. These filters also enhance the antioxidant properties which is what allows for the super hydration health benefits. Best to test to see if and how much fluoride is in your water before buying the extra filter. This system has 12 types of water that ranges from total hydration at a cellular level to beautifying to cleaning - which allows your home to be toxic free (replace detergents, cleaning solutions even the natural ones contain some carcinogens, windex, etc) The filters only have to be replaced once a year per family of four.

These filters were created by AquaSpace, NASA technology and filters the White House. This device is the only non RO or distilled water system that has a filter that effectively removes the fluoride from your water and has a longer life span which can last 2-3 years. The HQO is self cleaning.

Bonus, the operation of the machine is all software driven so you don't have to replace the machine.

Below is a side by side comparison of the HQO water ionizer and another leading brand. See for yourself why HQO is the best alkaline water ionizer for you and your family. Invest In Your Health!

Please contact me with any questions and about our financing options that are available. 

I am a stay at home mom and since having this machine, I simply cannot express how happy I am. I have officially turned my home into a toxic free environment, never mind the tremendous health benefits we have experienced. If you decide to purchase, you have not only made a wise choice, but I can show you how you can earn your investment back.

Light & Laughter,

Anna Junker

Q Sciences IBO


This article was published on 05.02.2016 by Anna Junker
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