I struggled building my business and developing methods that would increase my customer/client base. I attended functions and meetings to learn more about growing my business. I spent money on development and materials to help me promote my business.

I happened to meet someone that asked, “What business are you marketing?” I watched her facial expressions as I began to tell her about my company and it’s products and services. I noticed her expression changed as though I was speaking the wrong language She seemed disinterested and made me feel like I was waiting her time. How is that, I remember thinking to myself. She asked me about my business. I didn’t approach her.

She made me have second thoughts about what I was doing, and the business I was marketing. I said to myself, I am going to watch her in the next meeting. I am going to find out what business she is marketing. More importantly, how is she doing it.

In the next meeting, I observed her do the same thing to a few people. Same friendly opening questions, and same friendly attitude. I can see by the expression on faces, the question was asked. The interest level seemed to disappear as the conversation changed to the business pitch. Now, I very curious. Why does she keep asking people about their business when she is seemingly not interested in it at all. I should ask her for a business card or something to see what she is marketing.

After a brief discussion she told me about what I am about to share with you!

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This article was published on 11.07.2019 by Tony Chavis
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