Turn Your Phone Into a Virtual Billboard!! Do you need LEADS & GROWTH?

What is stopping you from growing your business? Here is the answer. We have the solution. One Platform that does everything.

The name of the game is exposure and you want as many eyeballs on your business as possible! Why? It's simple, you want to generate more leads, grow your business and generate more income!

How would you like to advertise anywhere in the world on the most looked at apps and websites on the planet including FB, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Google and more?

What is a Virtual Billboard?

Well, what we have here is our VF-Gem with gives you the capability to turn your cell phone int eh most power portable billboard! It's called Proximity Marketing at its FINEST!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Watch the Video<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

With a range of 1000 m from where your PIN is placed you can get eyeballs on your business IMMEDIATELY AND get new CUSTOMERS in an instant. We are offering so much more than you can even IMAGE!

If you’re in business then you know advertising can be very expensive. With that in mind this system was created to give you 5,000 impressions with our very basic VF-5. Check the prices out here: Royaltie Pricing.

Being a customer of my own product, I thoroughly ENJOY this platform. I have been able to broadcast my business to any country, any state and pin point any location!

I help clients get more sales and leads for a specific audience or any niche. I get eyes (views) that reach any cell phone, computer, laptop or tablet within a Targeted radius of up to 10 Football Fields...

Your Ad shows up as a Sponsored Ad on Quality websites such as: Twitter, Instagram, Yahoo, FaceBook, CNN, FORBES and more!!

Leads are the life of your business! One of the biggest elements to a successful business is the generation of new leads. If you fail to get leads, who are you going to sell your goods or services to?

And well, if you don’t have any consumers or customers, how is your business going to make money

Do you see the value in this YET! Hey listen I’m looking for hungry people who like making a difference in someone’s live by helping them get their business recognized and seen.

And if you’re a business looking to get more eyeballs on your business and need more leads and customers, I can help you and I want to help you grow your business!

So, let’s connect! Email or Call.

Bernice - 800-514-0565

This article was published on 11.01.2019 by Bernice Roby
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Royaltie - Proximity Marketing, 47 USD to join

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