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I would like for anyone who was once in a position in there life where all hope felt lost . Broke without anyone to help and hungry so hungry alot of us have been there before . It's not a life we chose just the cards that were delt to us well I was one of those people . I live in florida and times were hard my mom and dad weren't around much so I ended up stealing from a house to get money to feed my brother and sister . Well I got caught and since my family wasnt around I couldn't afford a good lawyer so I ended to severing three and a half years in prison. I was recently released but while I was behind bars missing my family my new family I had a son on the way they moved to vargina so when the prison released me I was faced with a choice to back to florida what I know or take a bus ticket the prison gave me to vargina change my life that's what I did but it had been my goal since to help others iv been out now for almost a year and with carona times have been even harder now I'm trying to provide for a family and help other I have been learning alot about ads and social media marketing and email marketing digital marketing iv been learning it all but I really want to start my own social groups to help other with a little help from you I can possibly really help alot of people so please message me with your thoughts and let's change the world a few people at a time and I mean change them by giving them the full package help with mental health if they need it as far as meditation I'm working on becoming a pro at a succes coach health coach and body mind soul and then the knowledge of marketing from social media platforms and using what works for you. I am open to all opportunities also if you are interested and would like to help I will make weekly updates for eveyone who would like to help for them will be all over if I can reach the right funding people please take this in with in open mind and heart thank you agin so much for your time
This article was published on 09.06.2021 by Mark A
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