INFINII Hits The Ground Running!

Firstly, before you read on, I think I should give you some insight on who I am and what I do.

I am happily married with three fantastic children. I am a family man and everything I do is for my wife and children. Quite simply they come first no matter what.

Previously I have run and owned a Successful Franchise for 10 years and have been in Network Marketing for a few years now. It is now my full time income. Reason why I moved into the Networking arena was I worked out that having a passive income was far more powerful than anything else I have ever done or ever will do. However for the average person it is quite difficult to find a company and business model that one can really get stuck into.

What do I mean?

Well there are so many opportunities out in the market that you really can get confused and end up being sold on Hope. When you get sold on hope and things don't pan out as you think they might then what do most people do?? Quit. I did not want this happen to me and that is why I was quite picky with what company I eventually decided to stand behind and felt comfortable promoting and talking to friends about.

So that led to a conversation with a close friend of mine and now Sales and Operation Director. Finally in the market there is something quite different and the perfect timing for the average person to be involved in a trending industry. To be honest, the success of the first 2 years of operation (under a different business name) was so solid that leading mlm Lawyer has come out and stated that this is the company he will comfortably stand behind. Now that is saying something.

Over 2 years of operation turning over $2.4Billion dollars in Sales Volume and paying out over $380Million in Sales Profits to it's members, there is no question about why I should not be involved especially when 

85% of members had never recruited a single person!

Introducing INFINII

Infinii is a ground breaking revolutionary business. For the Average person, there is no need to Recruit anyone to your business to make money. Normally you will probably have to recruit people to your business to earn and that is where a lot of people fail, they just can't recruit enough to succeed. Well that is not the case and that is one of the main reasons why over 65,000 people have joined since December 1 when Infinii was launched in beta phase. The business model is based on the average person making money and that is why it has been a raging success to date. From all reports the stats are mind blowing. 

I have many people in my team who have in the past not been able to make money in other companies and now for the first time have actually made some progress and are making money without recruiting in Infinii.

If you did want to participate in the Rewards Plan and build a team then you will be treated to a stunning plan and probably one of, if not the strongest rewards plan you will see in the market. Built with the average person in mind but also rewarding strong builders extremely well. It is unlike anything else you will have seen.

 Click here to see this stunning rewards plan.

So now it's time to give you the detail of what Infinii is all about...

Click here to find out more and join!

This article was published on 01.02.2016 by Mitchell Prouatt
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