Futurenet- the new world emerging

What is FutureNet?

What's this futurenet about?

FutureNet a new social media platform the combines both the normal frenzy chitchat things on Facebook, Instagram, linkedln etc with ecommerce like buying and selling online like konga, Jumia, Amazon, Olx, etc. It also has the add-on benefits of paying you for having ppl register through your link, and if these registrants buy things online, watch movies online, download, upload, play games etc, you get paid. It also has a networking attachment to it.

Our vision is that, just as Facebook silenced the likes of hotmail, MSN, yahoo messenger, nimbuzz, 2go, palmchat etc, futurenet, combining both entrepreneurial features with timeouts/fun time, will strongly compete with Facebook because it pays people for their time. The truth is that mark zuckerberg makes billions from our activities on his Facebook simply by our clicks, nothing comes to you. So, with futurenet, you're a shareholder.

Why will FutureNet pay you?

First of all let's take a closer look at the Facebook business model and how it applies to you and also find out how it affects us.                                     

Facebook as we all know is presently the biggest social media platform in the world with over 1.8 billion active users globally, over 300 million users in Africa and 16 million user in Nigeria. Facebook is currently worth 142 billion dollars and most of its revenue comes through advertising that is fostered by the huge traffic on their website. In fact you are the real reason why Facebook have such traffic. Every time you post a new picture it makes other users go through it, like it or even drop one or two comments. What you have just done is create more traffic because people will end up spending more time looking and commenting on your post. In fact, Facebook do not create any content, all their content are simply user content but the user is not paid for it. 

Now how much do Facebook pay u?

Well nothing. 

In fact, the data you use in posting your pictures is bought with your money, so in other words you are using your money to post pictures on Facebook while Facebook is making money from the traffic your picture and post is bringing. 

What FutureNet has done as a unique social media platform is to generate traffic through their various outlets, from e-commerce to online gaming and multilevel matrix platform as they earn revenue from this different source of traffic they share a piece of that revenue with you, knowing that without you, there will be no traffic or revenue and i think it's a good idea and it's fair enough.

In fact many of us have not asked the question why Mark Zuckerberg came to Nigeria(my country) last year. He choose to visit this country for the huge traffic potential and the unique position we occupy as a people....

You and I can change the course of history. The truth is that we don't need our government to do so. In fact we can only move forward without our government in the picture. And we have a unique opportunity to do so on FutureNet....

As innovative as this initiative is, it's also a new idea that have shown that in just its little existence, it has already started  to become a phenomenon and the future looks even brighter. I'm a brand consultant by profession and my field covers idea generation and conceptualization. In my field, companies pay us to create new business ideas, so when I saw FutureNet it took me just one minute to understand where this platform was heading. It was truly conceived by an ingenious mind. Professionally I'll invest in it a thousand times over and that is what I did on the first day I heard of FutureNet.

It comes as a huge advantage to everyone here because it's a potential 500 billion dollar market waiting to explode with huge opportunities for all who joins. Now it's either u join or wait a few months to only wish you had joined today but no matter what, at some point, you will have to. 

In marketing, there is a concept called Positioning. it's a concept that places a particular brand as the premium brand just because such brand was seemingly the first to hit the market. And once this happens it is almost impossible to change. Example is Coca-Cola. This brands are very difficult to overturn because of their positioning. And that is why I always encourage anyone to try and upgrade their account to join the matrix table because positioning is a natural first-come first-serve situation.

So also is that concept in multilevel marketing and FutureNet will be no difference, the earlier you joined, the faster your rise and every second counts.

On social media, marketing traffic is king because everything revolves around it. In fact, the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) industry have always toppled existing brands at every given moment. Reason is because it's an idea oriented industry and the brighter, newer ideas always get an edge.

If history is anything to go by, FutureNet as a platform is a huge competition with a brighter and new idea and will surely be a big competition and even bigger in the nearest future

Research has shown that the likes of IBM which was the first PC company and today it does not even command up to 2% of the PC market. Come to think of it, who ever thought that  many social media interractive platforms will go extinct today?Imagine BBM today is no longer having the market share it was used to commanding. Indeed things are changing and newer and stable ideas are the best way to invest.

The truth is that things are changing and they are changing fast and what is to say that many of the reigning platforms will not only lose a huge market share in the next 12 months because of FutureNet. 

If you don't think so then think again because last year, just a platform called MMM in less than 12 months became the 5th highest visited site in Nigeria pushing the likes of almighty Facebook, Twitter, Nairaland to the 9th position and below. So in 12 months it could happen again and this time even bigger. 

That change is happening and this time it pays you for your time and it's FutureNet.

There are basically 8 Bonuses You get paid from on Futurnet:

1. Social Media Bonus

2. Multimedia Bonus

3. Sales Bonus

4. Advertising Sales Bonus

5. Friends Bonus

6. Matching Bonus

7. Leader Bonus (Infinity)

8. Career Plan (prizes)

You will definitely earn from one of the these bonuses.

The Social Media Bonus:

Just for logging in, filling out your profile and participating in the platform, you can make a few cents and earn some points.

The Multimedia Bonus:

If you have an idea for a digital product you want to sell, you could use this platform and leverage on it’s increasing member base to sell it. This will earn you 50% of whatever price you set when someone buys. 

Remember FutureNet has an e-commerce multimedia shop, so when if you choose to leverage on the huge influx to their site to sell, you make money.

The Sales Bonus:

You’ll earn a 30% commission on any of the media products you sell to those you signed up directly- every customer must sign up under someone as if you’d recruited them for the opportunity. It’s the same process.

In addition to this, you’ll earn between 3-5% of whatever media products your team is selling. 

So imagine that just for being part of the first set of people to join this platform in Nigeria which is growing on daily basis, you earn daily anytime someone under your structure to the level of 10 buys anything from this platform. That's a string of daily income for you.

The Matching Bonus:

Depending on the individual matrix, you can earn between 10-50% of whatever your direct referrals are making within their matrix organisations. 

This is a way of encouraging you to sign up more people, so I'm out to sign up as many people as possible. If FutureNet says "signup 5 people", then I'll sign up 25 people. But everyone have their personal target as you can still grow in this platform with signing up one or two people.

The Leader Bonus:

This is a 1-7% commission based on (appears to be based on) your entire downline’s purchasing including matrix positions, advertising and media buys.


There are various prizes on offer from a smartphone to an Audi and each requires you to reach certain milestones and accumulate a certain number of points. Points are earned through your organisations purchasing.

 What does it take Financially?

To join FutureNet, it's basically free but to start earning immediately and building ur structure it will cost you an upgrade fee of just $10 which I think is low risk and truly a good investment.

So, while signing up, you are not required to pay anything. In fact, you get paid for joining the platform from the first day. And after signing up, you introduce this social media platform to your friends, encourage them to make use of it, post their pictures there, since they will even get paid for it. Advise them to join the matrix, which they can start with just $10. 

It's simple! This opportunity looks brighter than most I have seen. I'm pushing you to join it because I have joined but i'm pushing Nigerians to take advantage of this global opportunity to take the lead for once in our lifetime. 

On Facebook no Nigerian organization or personality have up to 10 million followers, in fact the highest is Jumia with 7 million and P-square comes third with 3 million. But in Europe and American we a lot of personalities with over 100,000,000 followers on Facebook. FutureNet offers us a chance to be among the first.

Few weeks ago, FutureNet had 300,000 members but today, it has over 2.5 million members globally.

In conclusion, FutureNet as a platform is a lifetime investment. Time always fly but time truly fly by when hv not invested in anything.

[4/20, 21:12] Guider George Prince: Finally welcome to the future it's already happening and it is happening now. 

Thanks everyone for your time.

[4/20, 21:13] Guider George Prince: Let's go and make some impact.

[4/20, 21:19] Guider George Prince: Mark my words... People might looking at u like they don't understand what or how FutureNet works... But that's just for now but in a few months time a lot of people will wish they joined immediately they heard about it.

[4/20, 21:20] Guider George Prince: It's always the same thing whenever a new innovation comes up

[4/20, 21:21] Guider George Prince: Today we all enjoy or love to have the new iPhone. But that idea was kicked out by everyone but today everyone wish the bought into Apple as a company

[4/20, 21:22] Guider George Prince: Facebook was developed as a play-site to match different faces and see which one gets more votes but today it's the biggest social media platform

[4/20, 21:24] Guider George Prince: The inventor of whatsapp was first rejected by Facebook and he came up with whatsapp everyone thought it was a joke.. But the is worth over 8 billion dollars today

[4/20, 21:25] Guider George Prince: To be quite honest, I don't get disappointed or discouraged when people leave this whatsapp group bcuz naturally some people will hv to mistakenly pass up and opportunity for others to gain

[4/20, 21:27] Guider George Prince: So I welcome you to join FutureNet today for free or Leave for nothing. Either way I'm determined to get to the top and likewise every other person who knows how to read the season and times

[4/20, 21:29] Guider George Prince: So welcome to the door of opportunity... The decision is in ur hands. The next move is yours.

You can join my WhatsApp group for more detailed information at https://chat.whatsapp.com/F60nEMH3NoKIKQXzzOWn8n

Check me out through this link http://nextgem.futurenet.club

This article was published on 21.04.2017 by Shittu Oluseun
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