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Can $1 change your life?

We live in interesting times where people know they get what they pay for and at the same time want things as cheaply as possible.  We know we should buy value but are drawn to the idea of quantity more than quality.

Usually I help people embark on a journey to change their life with an entry fee of $29, but for the next 15 days the fee has been reduced to just $1.  What does that dollar get you?  A one year membership to a thirty year old wellness shopping club that more than 1.5 million people per month trust to provide safe quality goods for themselves and their loved ones.  A company that makes every item they sell themselves right here in the USA.  A company that provides jobs for three thousand five hundred Americans.  A company that has paid out over $4,000,000,000 to people just like you and me. A company that prides itself on a history of safe toxin free products to replace those that are potentially causing harm on a daily basis.

With over 500 quality products there is something for everyone.  What's your passion?  What gets you excited?  Chances are we have it and more, you might even find something new to get excited about. 

Would you like to get paid while helping other people?  The typical member saves 15-20% on their monthly consumables expenses.  So while 64% of members never pursue any type of income an astounding 95% of members stay members month to month. 

What will you spend $1 on today?  Most people don't give $1 much thought.  I ask you to think about what that one dollar could do.  Have you ever bought a lottery ticket?  What was the return?  This is not a "get rich quick" or a join and do nothing program.  It will take work to achieve your goals, but this is the best opportunity with the best return I have seen in my experience.  Even at $29 you are getting an incredible value, but sometimes a big discount is what it takes to get someone started on the path they were meant to be on.

This opportunity is not limited to the United States, we work in eighteen countries including Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and others. Where would you like your business to be a year from now?   

Let's talk about where a dollar can take you today!
This article was published on 02.03.2016 by Adam Aberle
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