(Abundance Network) Why This Will Be The Ultimate List Builder

Abundance Network is an Amazing Concept... Not Only Do They Have An Amazing Automated System Where It Will Give You A 5 Minute Presentation To Listen To But Also If You Have A Question To  Ask, you can text the Questions and it Will Reply Right Back To You With The Answer via text, it is very cool

They are adding a feature this week, This came out of The Owner Of The Abundance Mouth Just Now-

Automated follow ups will go LIVE this week and you've never seen anything like what you will have the ability to have your SMS closing system do for you if you choose. NEVER SEEN BEFORE

So When You get An Opt in , it is just like Getting an Autoresponder Email Opt In where it Keeps Delivering Follow Up Messages or You have a list, where you can send out a Message but instead of logging into your email via phone, computer or tablet ... you can get the follow up text via your Phone

Isn't That Cool, So Let's Say if they are thinking about it will deliver updates, maybe give a good value message or how they are missing out on a system that not nly does all the closing and selling for them but ir Also Promotes Their Primary Business Opportunity.

I'll Be Honest, I don't check my emails like i Used to and I Sure don't read every Message that comes my way , Seriously i maybe might click on a few but then delete the rest. You Will Catch Someone's Attention Right Away and you Want to pique people's interest

Also They are launching A part of the System too where it can present your Primary Business Opportunity which is for me Club Cash Fund

I tell people the way technology is changing, you are going to get an amazing marketing tool for a pretty inexpensive Price a one time fee of ($170)  and the Product is Yours forever (THAT IS HUGE)

We Are Working with an Owner, Who is always looking for ways to make this better and more automated. 

All You Have To Do Is

• Your prospect calls your phone number 424-543-1144 you have assigned to you

• They listen to the 5 minute 100% phone based sales funnel

• All questions are answered by the automated system on text messages

• The message overcomes all objections

• We Keep Following Up With The Prospect Until They Either Sign Up Or Opt Out

• The prospect is then asked to sign up by texting back "get started" and

they are lead them through the sign up process

How Do We Get The Number 424-543-1144 out To People 

*Postcard (Dirt Cheap, Brands You and Most Effective Way)

*Access To Software That Can Send 200 SMS Text Daily

*Company Will have Very Cool Agreements with Company To Make Sure We Never Run out Of Prospects

*I also Got A Few Free Tricks, A Few Old School Tricks that got people to call my old school voice mail that built a huge team before The Internet but still works very well Today!

Just Call The Number 1-424-543-1144 that is all you do!!! Follow The System !

This article was published on 11.06.2019 by Michael Mikovich
Author's business opportunity:

The Abundance Network - SMS Sales Funnel, 150 USD to join

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