So you don't know about sales funnels or how to create a landing page great neither do and what is even better you don't have too.

So you DON”T like to talk to people?

So you DON”T like to see people succeed?

So you DON”T believe to be successful you should help others to be successful? doesn’t agree with you.

At we believe we should talk to people.

We like to get to know people, who they are, where they like, what they like to do and how their days go as that is what creates friendships. The nicer we are to people the better this world would be.

If you like to live like you are on an island then go live on one but if you like to be treated like you are a decent human with good morals and truly are concerned about the average person then we want you to be a member of out club.

A club which is invite only for members

Stop turning your hard earned dollars into more hard earned dollars whether you are in MLM or you are in an opportunity.

I did for years between trying to sell bio degradable soap and back then it was door to door or it was health and nutrition products many of which are still available today although all are overrated and way overpriced for the value they give you. Yes I have tried many of them and being in the Health and Nutrition industry I know how companies inflate what they tell you to make themselves look great. I am not slamming anyone’s businesses it is the truth.

I found so many people could not afford the products I was trying to sell.

Now I have found a way to help people get the funding to buy whatever they want too.

Pay off some bills, new vehicle, a home, a holiday, tuition, or maybe a business.

Let’s help people get off the insanity treadmill

IF YOU ARE DOING THE SAME THING TODAY AS YOU DID YESTERDAY YOU WILL GET THE SAME RESULTS TOMORROW. is a Pay It Forward club where everyone benefits because we leverage money to turn $20 into nearly $60K over and over again.

We also talk to people face to face which is awesome when people live all over the world. Just think if you want to take a holiday in the UK and you know someone there you have someone who may be a guide and someone to meet for dinner who know where the best place are to go that most tourists never see. What a wonderful way to make a holiday the best it can be.

Check out

How many people would you talk to if you knew you could turn $20 into nearly $60K and you could do it over and over again every time someone becomes a member?

We treat people like people and talk to them face to face.

Talk to you soon.

This article was published on 21.04.2017 by Irene Chemney
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