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Hi! My Name is Francois and for many years I have been looking for ways to make money online and generate a passive income with an investment that does not break the bank! I have found a great deal of amazing investments ranging from $10 to over $1000 depending on the option you select. I also recently found an advertising company (launch 04/07/2016) that will pay you to watch videos online, all you have to do is register.

The aim for this business model is for the one to flow into the next and grow as you grow. Best of all this will help you diversify your currency into Gold, Bitcoin, Etherium, Dollar, Euro. This is one powerful system. So let’s get down to business with the first step, earning money by using social media.

Yes it is possible you can earn money by using social media, the great thing is when your friends join you earn commissions. The main trading currency on this site is Dollar, all earnings or spending can be converted to Bitcoin! It is free to register but to get started and earn money you will need to make the minimum investment of $10, this allows you to earn 10% from all you introduce to this business, you can later upgrade to the bigger packages that are set out in manageable chunks. You can earn up to 50% on $1000 and this is only the start. They also provide a revenue share opportunity in advertising where you can get paid for clicking on adds. Compounding your returns will provide exponential growth. Much more information available HERE or register for free.

The next step that I would recommend is to diversify some of the hard earned cash into tangible gold. You can buy physical gold bullion in quantities smaller than a gram. To find out why I recommend Gold click here. With this system you can earn great commissions in Euro which they load onto a Debit card for you. Buying Gold and Creating more money at the same time, such a great way to live! I will provide you with 2 links here one for the webinar so that you can find out more, and one for the registration page where you can sign up.

We are moving light-speed ahead in this digital age we find ourselves in, as you have gathered from reading this on your own digital device. More and more people are challenging each other to digital games on their smartphone, and at times for money. Earning part of the pool-money just by introducing them to the games and becoming a tournament host for the eSports. It is estimated that this revolution will generate more than $9.1 billion in 2017. But wait there is more...Digital gold is out there and it is called Bitcoin, you can invest in physical mining equipment with one of the safest and biggest bitcoin mines! Bitcoin is a currency for the people by the people and it has grown from $380 in October 2015 to $675 in June 2016. What if you could have bought in when Bitcoin was still only $20? There is a similar opportunity available with the same company and this digital currency is called Etherium, currently this is trading at around $20 and has been called Bitcoin 2.0 by some, thus I believe that investing in a mine for any of these 2 currencies is a must. You can sign up for the eSports (Mobile Games), Bitcoin mine and Etherium Mine HERE.

I hope that this changes your world as much as it has mine!

Furthermore, I believe that our success or failure is determined by the beliefs of others or at times our own beliefs that have been accepted as true but never proven. These beliefs set paradigms and create habits that hold us back from achieving what we are capable of. To start changing these habits I found a few amazing audio clips that will assist you to change your inner world.

To Changing the world!

Francois de Kock

Contact me personally if some of the links are missing.

This article was published on 23.06.2016 by Francois De Kock
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