A golden key to unlock the body's desire to be healthy? YES!

The key to maximum health and lifespan is metabolic harmony. FACT!

cellRESET provides the user with a golden key. 

Personal health first - a full reboot of your metabolism, then you naturally share your story with others, and as part of a global community with a lot of resources, you will earn an income as good as any in the MLM/NM Industry - unlimited.

The cellRESET program shares with and supports each individual to achieve a fitter, leaner, cleaner and healthier body. It is a program that works in 2 stages that assists in building strength while releasing excess weight and correcting the metabolism.

Stage 1 is purification.

Stage 2 is stabilisation.

4 meals a day, all with 200-300g protein and 200-300g veggies, and of course other things. No physical activity in the first week. 

Natural whole foods and water are integral, as are the optimisers recommended that assist the body in the readjustment of the metabolism that are taken morning and night.

The cost of the program is for the optimisers only. All support is part of the program. We are a supportive community working together to achieve success, with coaches, counselors and personal trainers giving their support.

The optimisers are all natural, and made in Germany according to GMP, certified by the Swiss Vitamins Institute and are also on the Cologne List (doping safe for athletes). Many professional Athletes, Olympians and Sporting Associations use our product without being paid - they chose to pay themselves because they work, and are safe.

Many patents are held on our optimisers. The bio-availability after digestion is rapid and comparatively very high - hence the universal success.

cellRESET and a successful metabolic adjustment is the primary goal. A complete range of premium nutritional and skin/beauty products stand ready to be introduced.

The business opportunity comes off the back of the health results. It is not designed to hijack your life. You are not going to get sucked into a hyped up, boost your lifestyle, recruit! recruit! recruit! "cult"

The first stage is 28 days. That's all it takes to know if its working for you and you will be able to share your story. Of course there is a full money back guarantee on the optimisers if you are not satisfied.

The second stage is 90 days. That's how long it takes for all of the cells in our body to regenerate.

After that.....a new you. You will have reset your habits, your metabolism and greatly improved your micro-biome. Irritating conditions, or worse - serious conditions and reliance on medications can disappear. The body is inclined to health and self-healing. No more Yo-yo dieting. No more starting over.

I live in Tasmania, Australia. You can connect with me via Facebook (search for CellReset Tasmania), and hopefully I can plug you into our global community closer to your home -  Australia, NZL, USA, Canada, South America, Europe, Middle East, Asia. 

I hope to hear from you.

To your Health


This article was published on 27.02.2016 by Sam Edward Bradley
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