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How I Got 7 New Prospects!

Hi all, my name’s Bob and I’m a network marketer as well.

I joined MLM Gateway to look for new leads and prospects because that’s what we do. Did you join for the same reason? Or are you looking for an opportunity?

If you already have your own network marketing business and you’ve burnt through your 100 friends, family and acquaintances you know how hard it can be to find new people to look at your product/service and your business opportunity.

Of those 100 friends, family and acquaintances, we hope to recruit 2-5 people who would like to become a distributor. They in turn make their 100-person list and you have a never ending stream of people to talk to… right? But it never seems to work that way.

The fact of the matter is we need a lot of people to take a look at our products or services and business opportunity to convert a few. If you do that for 2-5 years though, and teach others how to do that, you will become a very successful network marketer.

About 1 ½ years ago I started using an autoresponder with a ‘capture page’.

This allowed me to place small ads or give out cards with a link to the capture page which would have my offering and if they want more info and a free sample, their name and email address is ‘captured’ when they enter it. The autoresponder will store their name and email address, send them a message and automatically send follow up emails at the frequency I tell it to.

Your list can never be big enough in online marketing!

Not only that, they have an ad tracker so you can find out where your clicks are coming from if you have a more than one ad going, a list builder, capture page maker with templates, autoresponder, video tutorials, and more.

The name of the company is 12SecondCommute.

 Like I said I’ve been using them for over a year now and have been very happy. It’s easy to use and I think I’ve got some very professional looking webpages using their templates (see links below), and now you can try it for FREE!

I just recently placed an ad here on MLM Gateway and got 7 new prospects. That’s 7 new names and email addresses. And now my autoresponder will send them some follow up messages and I can reach out to them with a personalized email or telephone call. The money’s in the follow up.

Here’s a link to get your FREE trial. No credit card required!

Click through and you’ll find all the tools on the left sidebar. Go to capture page creator and look at the templates they have. See how quickly you can create one. You’ll find it pretty simple and the instructions are right there.

You’ll also notice in the centre pane that they’re just in the pre-launch of their new affiliate program. The Power Build System is designed to generate new leads and prospects, which is what we all need.

I’ve taken a look at it and have joined as a ‘Founding Member’. It looks like a great secondary income.

Whether you’re interested in their affiliate plan or not, you still need a way of getting new people to talk to. I urge you to take a look, you have nothing to lose.

Here’s some of the pages I’ve created using 12SecondCommute:

Now you can have a professional looking prospect generator. Now you have a product that all networkers need whether they want to join your business or not. There’s nothing to risk except success.

Live abundantly!

This article was published on 23.06.2016 by Bob Broughton
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Gerard Garda Very interesting article.  7 days ago
Katie M. Great article, Bob!   6 years ago

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