Start selling CBD with CTFO! Build a massive network with my free plan below!

Sign up for CTFO using the link below <---Sign up for CTFO here

BECOME AN ACTIVE ASSOCIATE by making a minimum purchase of 47.47 USD THIS ACTIVATES THE UNILEVEL, MATRIX, AND INFINITY BONUS! Then use COIN app to advertise your CTFO business and get 10-20 sign ups per day. In the first 4 days using the method below I am up to 66 associates added. I plan to keep using this method and i urge you too as well because the cannabis and CBD industry are booming and becoming legal in more and more countries every year.  The same can be said for cryptocurrency so between these two building a productive business with new people daily should be no problem.  <---Sign up for COIN app here

How to use COIN APP to advertise: Sign up for COIN and mine free cryptocurrency, you can then use that cryptocurrency (COIN) to launch an advertisement via the geodrop button on the bottom left of the main screen, it looks like a box with a parachute. You can use their other system called COIN BOSS which is a website that is like a side project of their main website. It allows you to drop alot of these geodrops all over the world at a budget you can set. BUY XYO TOKENS AND CONTACT CUSTOMER SUPPORT TO INCREASE YOUR BOSS BALANCE! And you can launch thousands of geodrops to advertise your CTFO business! I have used this method with multiple different referral programs and advertisements and I know the potential of this business plan, they give you everything you need so this and the COIN 

Also use XYO WORLD which works almost the same way except your XYO can buy you a section of the world to permanently launch an advertisement in that requires a one time minting of a geotoken and then it belongs to you, if you attach an advertisement to the geotoken it will be displayed in the COIN app. Most of the geotoken are sold as an auction format, however you can mint them instantly for an additional cost. You can buy them on the opensea website. 

This article was published on 12.01.2021 by Samuel Mayer
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CTFO - 10X Pure Gold CBD, Free to join

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