Earn from 3-7% every week with Questra Holding

Questra Holdings

Questra Holding has 2 arms

1. Atlantic Global Asset Management (AGAM) deals with the investment

2. Questra World (deal with the affiliate programme)

Atlantic Global Asset Management (AGAM) provides an opportunity to invest and earn a passive income from at least 3% to at most 6% on a weekly basis like clock work for a year. This is NOT MLM, PONZI or a DONATION EXCHANGE but a real and highly sustainable business investment.

It was established and registered on the Virgin Islands in Great Britain in 2009 under the name SFG Group which was then later changed into QUESTRAHOLDINGS in 2013.

Certification of the company for operating financial activity and its record of good standing can be found here.

AGAM and QUESTRA WORLD are twin companies that work independently but linked motherly.

As stated above, AGAM is the investment part of the QUESTRAHOLDINGS where we make a passive income of 3-6% on our invested funds on a weekly basis for a year. The businesses our funds are invested in are:

• Initial public offerings (IPO)

• Stock market

• Real estate

• Auctions

• Toxic Assets

• Partnership with Cape Verde Airlines

• Crypto currency

• Purchasing and selling debentures and more

Click here for more details

The second arm of QUESTRAHOLDINGS is Questra World. This is the part of the company that is involved with marketing AGAM using the model of affiliate marketing whereby the individual promotes the company and gets bonus whenever they get someone or a group of people to sign up and invest, they get from at least 5% to at most 15% as they grow up the ladder which gives you an opportunity to earn more and get leader bonuses as you advance each level. You can view photos of the career ranks and their bonuses here.

How to register:

Click here to sign up https://private.atlanticgam.es/#/sign-up/partner=P09201490047442

• Fill in your phone number (starting with your country code e.g. 234, 233), your email, full names and you get a default password you can edit when fully registered under ur profile, sent to your mobile phone OR email.

• After sign up, sign in and

• Fill in the Profile section correctly with your details. NOTE:- You don't need to upload any document if you don't have any intentions of doing bank wires. Just fill the basic details - name, country, address, phone no, nickname, change of password to ur preferred one from the default one and SAVE.

• Fund your account using any of bitcoin, perfect money, okpay, bank wire (for above 5000euros) OR direct euros buying from existing partners who have available.

• Buy your package (NOTE buy only the color-coded packages i.e. white, yellow, red, blue etc..). You can use this calculator to see how much you can potentially earn on a package and it also shows you how you can compound to earn big too (Up to 1000% if compounded for 1,2,3 years)

• Start receiving your earnings every Friday in your AGAM wallet which you can withdraw OR accumulate to compound with.

The official website of AGAM is atlanticgam.es

The official website of Questra is questraworld.es

The company held their conference in Dubai for two days (Mar. 29-30) and you can watch the full two day conference coverage where you can also see the appearance of the President/Chief Executive Officer and others getting into the nitty-gritty of the business:

Day 1: https://youtu.be/B2c52uv3ZqE

Day 2: https://youtu.be/qnTBiVwO7_k

Things to note:

1. All invested funds are truly invested in REAL online/offline businesses

2. Invested funds are INSURED (up to and over 53million euro reserve funds), so the fear of losing your capital is zeroed off

3. No flamboyant bonus payment plan that eats deep into company payments to Investors

4. Company leaders are openly seen at company trainings/leadership meetings such as the Dubai conference

5. Diversification of investments to safeguard against complete loss of investment capitals, through the use of 25 Fund Managers who 4% of your funds is allocated to each of them to invest in the investment vehicles which they are good at. So even if 13 of them had a loss, you’ll still make a profit that week. That is why its investors have never had a loss because the investors funds is diversified.

Every package earns for a year (52weeks.)

Withdrawal takes within 3-7 days to be received

Read risk disclosure 

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