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Is selling doTERRA online a real business option?

The doTERRA network marketing business model has been around since 2008, while the home based MLM business model has its history going back many more years.

In that time the way most people run their MLM businesses have not changed very much. MLM leaders all over the world still preach the same dogma of creating a warm leads list from your social circle.

After selling doTERRA online for many years I decided to write an eBook on how it is done. When I realized that MLM leaders were still offering the same unrealistic business building advice to their teams.

Unfortunately, as wellness advocates we still want to believe that our family and friends will support our new business. I personally made a decision that I would not be bothering anyone in my social circle.

So, is there an alternative to contacting family and friends?


Selling doTERRA online

Marketing doTERRA online is the future

Since the pandemic of 2020-21 the why we work has changed and that includes doTERRA. Those of you who have been successfully running your business by introducing your social circle have been feeling the pinch and know things need to change.

As for myself, I have changed nothing in the way I have been marketing doTERRA, because I have been selling doTERRA online from the very beginning.

Can anyone run doTERRA online?

Yes of course, however new skills and education is needed if you want to get it right from the start.

Where can someone considering working with doTERRA get the education and training?

Well, you have a few options...

  1. Purchase my training eBook and join a friend or family member who is in doTERRA
  2. Purchase my training eBook and join my doTERRA team and gain the extra benefits of supporting you through the training I offer in my eBook.

Why do I need to purchase your eBook to start selling doTERRA online?

Well, of course you don't need to, but after years of making mistakes I have created a system that works.

Does your eBook offer anything for people who are not with doTERRA?

Even though I am a distributor with doTERRA I have created this eBook with the generic network marketer in mind.

The eBooks was developed and will continue to be developed as a basic plan for someone new to MLM. Its mission is to help and support the network marketer to build a dynamic business online. In addition, it has given the network marketer a real alternative to the traditional method of contacting family and friends.

What does the eBook offer to the doTERRA rep and network marketer?

For a start this eBook is for the total beginner or someone looking for an online marketing system that works. It will give you everything you will ever need to get your business going online including tips and advice.

To give the eBook a duplicatable element, I have arranged the eBook into steps and tasks. Each step has a few tasks to be completed. This is to keep the student focused and on track. This eBook has 14 steps and 27 tasks. I will be adding additional information and even tasks in the future.

Finally, the eBook is intended to empower my doTERRA team members and of course anyone interested in building a MLM business online. The key point to this eBook is that it works. If you take all the information and use it correctly, the system works.

What is your eBooks name and author?

The eBook is called "Beginners guide to online prospecting in network marketing" by Steven Jackson.

For more details click on the link below:


How can I join doTERRA under you?

There is a few ways:

  1. When you purchase the eBook and when you receive my thank you email you will find a enrollment link in the email
  2. Search for doTERRA online and when you fill in the form and you are ask who your enroller is use: Steven Jackson with the ID: 930175

If you want to know more about selling doTERRA online click on the learn more links of this page or reach out to me on this platform.

This article was published on 31.10.2021 by Steven Jackson
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doTERRA - Essential oils, 35 USD to join

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