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My name is Wanda B. Simpson. I'm the proud Mother of 2 Children, 6 Grandchildren, 2 Great-Grandchildren and 1 Godson. I'm not a 5 or 6 Figure earner, yet. I'm a real person with a real desire to get my life on track.  I'm a retired teacher who finally said enough is enough. I hung up my whistle and went to the house; Yes you heard me right. I quit teaching in a formal school setting where my motto was "Making a difference one class at a time" for a motto that became "Making a difference one group at a time. Besides teaching, I sold encyclopedias, burial insurance, and joined company after company. I lost thousands of dollars spinning my wheels and getting nowhere. I take full responsibility for not doing good. I said "What Now?" I concluded there must be someone who cares whether I became successful or not. I looked high and low. Several people kept popping up every where I searched for answers. Who really cares about me. I'm not going to call names; but I'm sure you have seen some teams that have gone out of their way to help others become successful. I decided follow some tips that were given to me. Tip 1 was to find someone who is successful and trust them to help me succeed. Tip 2 was don't blame someone else for you not succeeding, when I'm doing my fair share of the work. Tip 3 was to realize the effort+response=outcome. Tip 4 was that I'm 100% responsible for my life. If it ain't broke don't try to fix it. The most awesome program that I have seen and I have seen a lot of programs is the one I just signed up for. I was offered this opportunity to join the very same program months ago and I didn't do anything. The icon is still on my desktop screen. I'm not happy about my decision to ignore the opportunity of a lifetime to this day. I'm thousands of dollars behind where I would have been, if I just would have invested the little amount he asked me for to get started. Please don't make the mistake that I made. I got a second chance because my daughter saw the potential of this program and got me started. I have completed orders and made money. I just followed the easy steps to set up my store.  . If you think this may be something you may be interested in, the link is:

Wanda B. Simpson

This article was published on 29.01.2016 by Wanda B. Simpson
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