New Business Model Being Released into an 8 Trillion Dollar Industry!!

Hello Network Marketing World! 

I am a part of a new business model launch being released by Holton Buggs and his team (One of the Greatest Network Marketers of all time).

They are looking to disrupt the network marketing industry along with the travel industry.  For the first time in MLM History, the business will be set up as the First Advanced Customer Acquisition System.  You give a gift that is completely free to a customer, and whenever they save, which they will, you get paid!! 

This new company is looking to do to the travel industry what Uber did to the Taxi industry.  

This new launch is creating such a buzz around the network marketing world.  Past network marketing leaders are coming out of retirement in droves because of what is about to be released.  This is definitely a first movers advantage situation so I suggest everyone watch the webinar link that I have included below and take action one way or another as soon as possible for you and your teams!

We believe that we will see more people make more money faster than any network marketing company has ever done in history. 

No more selling "high priced" products to friends and family because there is nothing to sell.  There is nothing wrong with this method, and I continue to buy products from network marketing companies because I like them and see the value.  What got tiring is seeing only strong recruiters really winning in this industry, while many people struggle to duplicate that success.  Now that the representative isn't selling anything, but rather giving a gift away, this changes the whole game and allows far more people to win at this and provide for their family like they have always wanted.  Isn't that the reason you got into network marketing or started your own business? Of course it is!  

One area that is amazing is that it is not starting in just one country.  It's going world wide from the beginning so no need to wait if you want to build a global empire like our team will do.

You can build a team if you would like, or you don't have to build a team at all and just give out the Free gifts.

They just released the pre-launch of it in March 2019.

I advise EVERYONE who is in network marketing, online marketing, or other home based business owners to take a serious look at this because it will be effecting everyone and going viral very soon!!  Here is the webinar link for the overview and our team to show you what is going on: 

Our team is taking applications for strong leaders and runners world wide because we want the strong foundation and right team to build this before it get's launched and released.  We also would like strong leaders who have a background in advertising and funnels because we have amazing tools to help with that to explode your business!  You can do the business both online and offline.  

One of the biggest issues over the years is systems.  Our team has actual systems in place and the tools you need that will help aid you with success.

If you have ever dreamed of being at the right place at the right time, you are in the right place.  Imagine being part of Uber or Amazon before they became what they are today!  

For more information about this opportunity and our team, you can contact me and my team at 

I look forward to hearing from you guys all over the world!



This article was published on 08.04.2019 by Peter Roklur
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