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My name is Zipporah but my friends like calling me Zippy. A wife, and a mom of 2 amazing kids. I am in my early thirties; most people consider me young and that I still have my whole life ahead of me. TRUE. But I carried an unhealthy mentality that I had to work myself strenuously to be able to provide for my kids and save for retirement.

For a very long time, I was held captive in my own life. I was so much in debt and felt like I had lost it all. I was drained, worried with no hope of a better tomorrow. Day in, day out, I felt stuck and unstable. The fear of no possibility of giving my kids a life I always wished for killed me on the inside. It was never easy for me. It was an experience I would never wish for anyone to go through. This became too much for me to handle, so I decided to take action, change the narrative and prepare a better future for my kids.

A few months ago, I came across an ad similar to this one, I tried to ignore it for a while because I thought it was not real. But then another similar ad popped up again, I thought of checking it out because I would never know unless I’d try right? So I signed up for a FREE complimentary workshop. I was skeptical at first and scared that I did it. I have learned more information about how I could start my own digital business through the emails received from the person that is now my mentor. Until I decided to pursue it. Since then, my life has never been the same again. I told myself that this could be what I have been looking for, a SOLUTION that could somehow help change my life.

I have learned a lot, this business inspired me so much to start taking an action. I am more positive now and making great progress. Seeing lots of successful business owners globally, and being part of that awesome successful group with 70K+ members boosted my self-confidence. They were great inspirations to me, and I want to inspire you too. I want to share everything I have learned with everyone ready to learn.

Lots of reasons why I love starting this digital business: It runs 24/7 regardless of the country you are coming from. There’s NO AGE LIMIT and doesn’t matter if you don’t have the prior experience nor Business Background because there’s a PROVEN AND AUTOMATED SYSTEM that will take care of all the Heavy Liftings for you, an Extensive STEP-BY-STEP Training designed for everyone and A Coach and Mentor assigned to help you every step of the way with NO EXTRA FEES. It's UNLIMITED Guidance that you can get from our Supportive Global Community that is growing every single day. It is Legit, as we all pay taxes here too. What’s amazing too is that I can run my digital business whenever and wherever I want to. No Fixed Schedule and No selling Involved. This is so amazing that’s why lots of people are now switching up to Digital Space.

Sharing my story here is to inspire and empower everyone to leverage the use of the internet to work smarter and build a better tomorrow for yourself and your generations to come. We all dream of a better life for ourselves and our kids, to work and yet get enough time to spend with our family, a life of adventures and traveling. Having this life has never been easy at all. Sometimes we need to experience failures and challenges before we ever get to succeed. The right time never comes, don’t wait any more when you have a chance to make this moment the right moment.

If you're ready to start living life on your own terms and make a change in your life, please register your NAME and EMAIL for our No-Cost Live Webinar at https://www.zippyonlineventure.com/

Looking forward to talk to you soon.

Thank you very much.

Zippy Boyani

This article was published on 22.02.2021 by Zipy Boyani
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