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The Tranzact debit card is a new way of banking, and a new income opportunity!

The TranzactCard is a brand new debit card that earns dollar per dollar rewards.

Become a Tranzact Card Digital Brach Operator and earn commissions! Earn every time your clients swipe their card. 

Exciting news on the horizon! Introducing the Tranzact Debit Card – your golden ticket to becoming a digital branch operator. Now you can earn some extra cash every time your clients make a swipe! It's not just a card; it's your passport to a fantastic side income opportunity. Don't miss out on this chance to level up your financial game. Ready to dive in and make those swipes count? Let's rock this digital branch owner journey together!

Fancy being a Tranzact Card Digital Branch Operator and racking up those commissions? Picture this: you earn every time your clients give that card a swipe. As a DBO, commissions roll in when your community members make everyday purchases. Plus, they earn Z-Bucks with their TranzactCard – it's a win-win!

TranzactCard is shaking things up, rewriting the rules on banking fees and manufacturers' pricing. That means more affordability for you and your Members. Your commissions? They're like little bonuses from every transaction made with a TranzactCard bank card in your community. Sweet deal, right? TranzactCard is changing the rules by reworking traditional banking fees and manufacturers’ pricing, to ensure products and services are more affordable for you and your Members. Your commission is derived from every transaction made with TranzactCard bank card within your community.!

Also - Earn Z- Bucks on every purchase and redeem them for physical products, travel, vacations !

The TranzactCard Membership Digital Branch Operator Offer Includes

The perks of being a TranzactCard Membership Digital Branch Operator:

1.  All the awesome TranzactCard Membership Benefits.

2. Earn revenue while growing your biz and spreading the TranzactCard love.

3. Get the green light to use TranzactCard's trademarked assets and top-notch marketing materials for that extra marketing oomph.

4. Level up with specialized training programs covering everything from products to business operations.

5. Your secret weapon? A Digital Branch Operator Dashboard, your go-to spot for all things needed to rock your business. Ready to kick it up a notch?

Earn revenue for growing your own business and promoting the benefits of TranzactCard to others.

Permission to use TranzactCard trademarked assets and marketing materials produced by corporate headquarters to elevate your marketing efforts.

We offer Specialized training programs to enhance your knowledge of TranzactCard’s products, services, and business operations. Your own Digital Branch Operator Dashboard to access all you need to run the business.

 Ready to dive into a world of prosperity? We're on the lookout for go-getters:

1. Eager to open a Digital Branch and steer the ship.

2. All about honoring the TranzactCard brand and keeping it compliant while spreading the word.

3. Fired up to share the message of financial momentum where it's needed most.

4. Ready to unleash the power of TranzactCard for themselves and their crew. Exciting stuff, right?

This article was published on 20.11.2023 by Lisa Barron
Author's business opportunity:

Tranzact - Bank Digital Branch, 495 USD to join

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