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Special announcement!!!!

Why join Team National? Great question. Are you ready to live your dream for once in your lifetime and your family as well. Well  Team National can help you to do just that. Do you want to get rich, live comfortable, and just enough residual income every week to help pay some bills.  Well you seen the right add that will help you do that. Team National is one of the best business I have every join. Just a little about the business.  " you can save a lot of money buying from your own website with over thousands of stores throughout United States even in your hometown.  Another great thing when u join a lifetime package it will Locked not only you but your family ( parents, grandparents grandkids, children and greatgrandkids. Wow amazing.  Best part you can earn a six figure income, juts live comfortable or just make enough to just pay a few bills every week. It's your choice. The company been around 22yrs. You also can exchange business ideas and meet great people that's doing great and very loveable.  Just take time and visit the site. and hey don't forget me!! Angela Morris and let's continue building a great team. 

Another announcement once you have join Team National then you can advertise it by joining Nectarkast another great Marketing company that will blow your mind and advertise in 50 different states as well as in other countries.  These are two great companies that I'm well pleased and enjoy working with. You don't have to go door to door as much when you can share so much and do your advertising on Social media. Yes I'm loving and enjoying it as well. Can u imagine you being in control and of your site and watching Analytical and stats come on and people checking out your site and  a lot of them join because they are tired of paying thousands of dollars advertising and nothing is happening. Well the lowest package is 40 dollars and the highest is 270 a month  and did I tell you that you get over 10 thousands apps a day. Know who can beat that. Please come on and join. This is your time to stop dreaming your dream and start living it!!

Every since I was a little girl I wanted to make a lot of money but I didn't have a clue what I was going to be doing in my adulthood. I wanted to be a doctor but my parents wasn't financially equipped. But I did started college and didn't finished because of financial difficulties.  But I didn't give up. I work making 3. 35 an hour working at a nursing home. Reminds you this was 30 yrs ago.  I cried when I seen my first check and I told my mother that this is ridiculous I can't do all that hard work for that little money.  She encouraged me to continue to work and go back to school and she would put a mortgage on her house so that I can do that.  My parents had just went through a bad divorce and my mom was left to raise eight kids. She struggled day by day. But she always told us the struggle is real but never give up on your dreams. The money may not be good but do your best in whatever you do because you never know whose watching you.  Well I decided to keep on pressing on. I went back to school and became a nurse and later we back to school to become a medical technician because . To make a long story short. I've joined many companies and it didn't work out for me. By then my mother's health begin to fail and me and she went on dialysis for 13 years.  Well of course I left my home. I moved in with my mother and took care of her. She didn't want me to put my life on hold but it was by choice. Unfortunately my mother passed away 13mths ago and before she died she thanked me for everything and told me to live my dream. Now I'm doing things that I didn't get to do and Thank God for my parents and especially my mother for the encouragement. 

What I'm trying to inspire you is that life maybe a struggle but find peace through your dream and start living it. I'm not at my income goal yet but I'm getting there with these companies and I didn't know much about marketing as I do now. Keep your dream alive and thanks to MLM for the opportunity to also share my story and also advertise as well

This article was published on 11.02.2019 by Angela Morris
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