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Holy Moly!

I knew that 25 Dollar Legacy was the best Platform to hit the internet in 2016

I knew it was 'doable' to anyone to attain $30,000 a month income for life

I know that I will reach this goal before the end of 2016

BUT WOW! We have just announced our First Member to reach the $3,000 a month income mark (the image below is just before they did it!) - at which point they have quit their job which was paying less and gone full time into this amazing business.

Our first retiree

25 Dollar Legacy is, and will always be, successful because of a number of well thought out factors:

  • The founders, Ramon Escalera and San Warren, vterans in internet marketing and online business spend months meticulously planning and developing a Platform that would be useable and profitable for ANYONE both as a money maker and a superb resource for professional marketing tools which can be used in your other businesses online. Most importantly they made it SUSTAINABLE - Not one of those pop up schemes that dissapears after a month or two.
  • They provide easy to fill matrices - with level one only requiring 39 people in total to FILL IT
  • They pay the best residual income anywhere and superb bonuses for your own contributions
  • They put you IN PROFIT with ONLY TWO referrals! (where else can you find this?)
  • They provide amazing webinar over the shoulder training to assist you with developing your business (and this is useful for any other businesses you may have online)
  • They have great tools made available to you free as you progress including a "Hootsuite" style Auto Scheduler covering all you social networks with built in ad designer and templates, Your own professional Webinar Room and your own Pro Control Panel and hosting etc.
  • You also get a Landing Page Designer with two FREE 'Landing Pages' which you can design to suit ANY business you want to promote.

What are the costs for all of this?

The costs are miniscule compared to what you would pay for all the great free stuff but in actuality the ENTIRE AMOUNT that you should ever need to spend from your own pocket is only $25


The cost to join is $25 and then $25 a month for your 1st Level but with ONLY 2 personal referrals this becomes free and you're in profit. You get $5 for anyone coming into your matrix (paid every month - not just once) and a $10 BONUS if you personally referred them (paid every month - not just once). The minimum payout monthly for a full 3 x 3 1st level matrix is $195+ $10 bonus for your own referrals - If all 39 are yours then the payout is $15 monthly per person totalling $585 a month. If you just got 10 of the 39 you would still get $295 a month.

You can then choose to activate your second level which is a 5x3 matrix (or not, it's always up to you) and payment for this level comes from your profits, not your pocket, and the third 10x3 matrix same rules apply. the difference is you get paid $15 + $10 bonus in level 2 and $30 + $10 bonus in level 3. The second and third levels pay out minimum (without bonuses) $2,200 and $33,800 respectively when filled.

If you are even remotely serios about making money online then it is a NO BRAINER! JOIN 25 DOLLAR LEGACY RIGHT NOW and change your life forever. Register free by CLICKING HERE

This article was published on 10.06.2016 by John Ward
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