Know thyself and the internet movement

Let's get you some info on the way people are going about business on the internet. Do you know thyself and what is holding you back from being the best version of yourself. Do you know how to think and not what to think? Success leaves Clue's and dropping jewels have the same meaning, are you willing to pick them up? In today's society knowledge is a click away and you can learn how to do whatever you desire. The internet is a machine designed to link people to what catches your attention. Do you ever ask yourself questions that will wake up the best thinking you can aquire? let me get you the information you need to clear your mind from the brain fog and set backs from society. Take the bull by the horns and drive your life in the direction of the lively hood you desire to live and unlock supreme self confidence. you were born naturaly successful so let’s get you back to your natural abilities. Everything you've deemed as a failure was not your fault. You were programmed that way. The truth to the matter is you can live your dreams or the life you want on your own terms as others do. Your ego is very hard at work. So depending on how much you want to see the best life happening Let's find your goals for a better world. If you do not yet have the life you desire then the problem lies inside your head as an assumption you have accepted to be real. Then if you decide create the life you desire, it's your job to look at your assumption and observe them without judgement. This is why a logical mind, or just one trying to become conscious, automatically turns away from negativity, our subconscious instinctively tell's us we are heading in the wrong directions and we need to turn around. Therefore it would be insane, that is for anyone not paying attention. It would be insane for any of us to worry about what others think. Unfortunately other insane people teach us that this is normal and therefore acceptable. This is why we need to know thyself in this internet society           

This article was published on 15.05.2019 by Stanley Robinson
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