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How ACN made my life happen

Hello! I'm an ACN IBO and coach linked to Jean-Simon Labreche a top 6 rank earner in Canada.

I used to be a pretty regular guy. Somehow business focused but not people oriented. ACN opened my eyes to the true way business is meant to be done. Built on a large scale model where people can get involved. Getting this business launched for me has been my major financial goal since last year. I waking up every morning and milking the cow.

I sponsored 10 new independant business owners and I'm almost qualified for a wordwide all included retreat for 1 week for 2. The long term vision is what keeps me going and makes me realize I had nothing going for me before. Now it's all going superb and I'm happier than ever. If you ever heard anything bad keeping you from taking a look, now is the best time to turn around and look at what you missed:

What was missing in my life was team spirit, long term vision, income potential, vacations and all those things. I couldn't afford those delivering pizzas and affording myself a car and paying rent. Now the dream is inside of me, the future of ACN has my name on it and I'm glad. Meeting new people was a part of my life I always missed. I spend time doing my things and socialize a little, but digging deep was almost too hard for some buy friends of mine. What good are friends if they are not there for you.

I got a little story to tell you how I see this mlm and what it can do for you:

Once there was a kingdom, in that kingdom was a very respected and loved king. One day one of the people of the king who is a mother brings her son to the man and says to the king that her son eats too much chocolate. "He eats so much chocolate, his life's motivation is chocolate" she says to him. "Doctors told me he will die soon, oh please my dear king tell him to stop eating chocolate" she says begging the king. The king says " Come back in 3 more weeks, I will tell your son to stop eating chocolate". The lady can't understand and can't believe she has to wait even 1 more second to reduce her son's uncareful behavior that she can't fix. The lady came back 3 weeks later, the king asked her son to stop eating chocolate and to follow this order and a king's most valued order toward one of it's subjects. Later, the laday asks: "Why didn't you tell that 3 weeks ago to my son?". He said: "The reason I'm so respected, loved in my kingdom and why it's so vast is because I would never ask somebody to do something I can't do myself".

I got plenty of time to coach new ACN independant business owners. Contact me by email!

This article was published on 05.09.2016 by Francois-Pierre Galarneau
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