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Hyperverse going into the future,

One year ago I was approached about this amazing organisation and my one big regret is that I did not hear about it a year before when it was first started but that is not a problem as I have now managed to become, with help, very successful and my advice to anybody reading this, DON'T delay start today.

As a 78 year old Grandfather caring for my sick and disabled wife I have been able to build a community of 2500 wonderful people from all walks of life, in many different countries from the UK, Germany, Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand Thailand, Philippines, Nigeria and other countries with people of all ages, gender, rich and poor, it is wonderful as everyone is so happy.

The amazing this is that a year ago I did not know any of these people and now because my son and my grandchildren are all involved I am known as Grandpa Crypto all over the world so I call all the members of my community my step grandchildren

Nobody has ever left or wanted to leave as they all get rewarded every day for learning about the future, the Blockchain and The Hyperverse.

I have been able to do this starting with practically no knowledge of The Blockchain and certainly had never achieved any ranks with any business in referral marketing but now after a year of learning from all the presentations, help and advice from the amazing leaders I can now call myself a professional Referral Marketer.

It is a business builders dream, low entry, no overheads, no monthly costs very simple advancement scheme and a community structure where everyone helps everyone to succeed because it is in everyone’s interest.

Presentations nearly every day done for you, Training sessions twice a week, and leadership Zoom calls every Saturday afternoon, but most importantly, once on board and funded you have access to a immense library of knowledge all about The Blockchain put together by three different universities, Learning that you would have to pay thousands for elsewhere and this is all supplied for free to all funded members.

I have seen and been involved in many businesses in my life and have never found one as simple and rewarding as Hyperverse. It is my dream builder, and I am helping many many people to build and achieve their dream.

In the last year I have achieved three of my "Dreams" A ten day holiday in Dubai, and being able to place my wife in a beautiful and best care home and I to take her to a beautiful Villa in Spain for two weeks.

In Feb/March 2022 I am planning a trip round Southern Ireland and The UK, another holiday in Dubai in April with my Grandchildren and a trip to Italy with my Daughter and a luxury Villa holiday in Spain with friends taking my wife with me with her personal carer and I can still build my business from my laptop and phone everywhere I go meeting people on my travels and inviting people everywhere I go to become part of my community, still get rewarded every day seven days a week.

As they say in "Darling Buds of May" PERFECT!!

Join me and I will help you change your life and achieve your dreams Watch this Video and get back to me so I can get you set up

Watts app or text 07973982086 or book a call for a chat no obligation

This article was published on 27.01.2022 by Grandpa Crypto
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