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What is doTERRA and who is joining?

Nobody wants to be pigeonholed, but there is a type that join doTERRA beyond the generalized new-age middle classed hippies most outside the company imagine.

Of course there is an element of yoga teachers, spa owners and so on drawn to doTERRA and the type of products doTERRA offers, but this only scratches the surface. doTERRA is filled with an eclectic group of people looking for a future that is not the one they saw themselves on before joining doTERRA.


What is doTERRA?

What is doTERRA?

Simply said, doTERRA is an essential oils MLM company that was started in 2008. It was started by health and wellness professionals passionate about changing how essential oils were seen by the world, while presenting a more honest face in the MLM industry.

What type of people are joining doTERRA?

As I already mentioned, the doTERRA membership is filled with an eclectic group of people with many different wants and needs. However, I believe that they are broken down into three categories, users, sharers and builders or leaders.


The user in doTERRA is normally a wholesale customer or sometimes a retail customer who has no intention of sharing doTERRA products with other or building a business. There only reason for joining doTERRA was to use the products. However, sometimes after being a doTERRA customer they decide that maybe they want to start sharing or building a business. The reasons vary from lovely the oils so much the can't stop talking about them or in some cases the have a financial need which motivates them to earn extra money.


Generally, a sharer is a wellness advocate (doTERRA distributor) that enjoys sharing doTERRA products with family and friend. They have no real motivation to change much in their lives, but they feel that sharing the oils with others is a fun and social thing to do. They may also enjoy running classes, house parties and trade shows. Again, the sharer may advance overtime to running a business seriously when they realize how much money they could make if they started building a team. 

Builders or Leaders

The builder or leader is a very different individual compared to the other types. Unless they have advanced from the other categories they joined doTERRA because they were interested in making money. The saw doTERRA a the vehicle that would allow them to achieve their goals and get them where they wanted to be. Strange as it might sound but very few of the doTERRA membership are considered as builders or leaders. Fortunately, this give a great opportunity for new and experienced network marketers to become apart of this elite group of people. 

What is doTERRA oils concluded?

Become apart of the doTERRA membership is a journey regardless if you are new to the industry or not, but regardless who you are and what your motivation to join doTERRA is, the is a place waiting for you today.

If you have any further questions about joining doTERRA or you would like to read the entire article click on the learn more link below.


This article was published on 20.08.2021 by Steven Jackson
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