Luxury Life Network Marketing Business

Luxury Life Network Marketing Business launched in South Africa in May 2021. Someone who has experience in Multi-level marketing businesses started it. The intention is to assist people in order to become financially free. It is very reasonable to join the business.

It is a peer to Peer Donation Platform without a central account. There is no company account where people deposit their money. It works more like a stokvel. When you join the business, the system will inform you who to pay the money to, that is, the R1000 that you pay when you join. You will deposit that R1000 into a member's account who is your upliner. The R1000 is paid only once. That is the only money that you will ever pay until you reach the end of the business, which is board 3.

The business has 3 boards. All boards have 3 levels.

Board 1 or Silver Board.

You pay R1000 (when you join). You will receive R27000 in total as profit. They system will automatically take R15000 for you from your profits and move you to Board 2 or Gold Board.  You will take R12000.

In Board, which is the Gold Board, you will start with R15000 which was paid for you by the system from the profits that you made in Board 1. The profits that you get in Board 2 is R405 000. From this amount, the system will again automatically take R200 000 from your profits and move you to the last Board which is Board 3 or Platinum Board. You will take the difference as your profit.

In Board 3, Platinum Board, which is the last board, you will make R4 500 000 (4.5M) as a your total and last profit in the business.

You need 3 people to join under you using your link. There are spill overs that will boost you in terms of recruiting.The more the people who join the business, the more the spill overs and the more faster every member moves up to the next board. It is important to work as a team so that the business grows fast. This is an opportunity that has a huge potential to change people's lives

The web address is:

The link to join:

This article was published on 20.07.2021 by Sweetness Mpungose
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Marelebohile Setsomi what if I dint want recruit  13 days ago

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