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I was asked by a new middle-aged network marketer what was the secret to building a network marketing business fast. He said he didn't want to go through the normal 2-5 years to build a downline of thousands to earn the money he needed for retirement. He sadly said that he didn't know where the time had gone and hadn't saved no where near enough for the lifestyle he wanted to lead in his "golden years".

My response was to tell him not to feel bad and that he wasn't alone. I told him that he might be surprised at how many people were in the same boat. They either have very little savings or none at all. And most wind up trying to live off of a monthly social security check and friends and family to help them out.  

However I think I uplifted his spirits somewhat when I applauded him for being open minded enough to have joined and started a network marketing business. 

As we all know, because of the negative publicity our industry has received for years and years many people who are barely making it will refuse to listen to those of us who are willing to explain how our businesses can help them. And those who will listen will probably use one of these excuses in telling you why they can't get started:

"I can't afford it"

"I just can't do it"

"I don't have time"

"I don't know anybody"

"I've never done anything like that before"

"I've got to talk to my spouse first"

...and on and on.

So as far as answering his original question, "How do you build a network marketing business fast?" Here is what I told him.

First thing I told him was to understand that in any network marketing business the product is obviously important, but YOU are the opportunity that people are investing in. In your business, you are looked upon as the leader and the brand. And for the team you're gonna build to trust you you've gotta be viewed as professional and dedicated to your business. It doesn't matter if your network marketing company is the best, the product is second to the leadership that you provide.

Secondly I told him to forget about talking to friends and family. Don't bother with lists of business opportunity seekers because most of them are just "tire kickers" who'll waste your time. Avoid hanging flyers and door knob hangers around town or draping car windowshields with flyers in mall parking lots.  Too amateurish.

My advice was to have him target his opportunity to ex-network marketers or network marketers whose company's might be in distress or about to fold. These people know what network marketing is and have actually spent their hard-earned money joining a company. You don't have to convince them that network marketing is a viable business model. They already know it!

This new networker wanted to know how he could get ahold of these kinds of people. I told him that they're on what is known as "genealogy lists".   I also said something that he didn't want to hear. I said that once he gets ahold of one these genealogy lists, the best and fastest way to build his downline is by doing a couple of things.

I said he would have to come out of his comfort zone and call these people with a script I was willing to let him have. The script is basically asking the ex-networker if he/she might be open to looking at a good opportunity. If so, then some information would be forwarded to them and a follow up thereafter. 

I also told him to take advantage of today's technology and use text messaging, ringless voicemail drops and voice broadcasting. This would allow him to reach "the masses" within a short amount of time.

I thought it would help to tell him why he was lucky to have considered travel as his offer to these potential prospects. The travel and tourism industry is one of the world's largest industries. With a global economic contribution of over 8 million dollars in 2019. It's expected to reach over 12 trillion dollars in the next few years.

Plus the price point for joining would be low enough for practically ANYONE could afford...$1dollar!  It's probably the only true GLOBAL opportunity where you can start for as little as a $1 and earn up to $20,000 a month with as little as 2 personally referred people.

Last but not least, in getting the new networker started I told him to begin to program his mind to serve others. Network marketing isn't about how many people YOU can sponsor. It's about how many people you can HELP sponsor others. Help the masses and do it a lot and you will soon dine with the classes!"


This article was published on 11.03.2020 by Frank F. Mayes
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