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Im Tinashe an Entreprenuer and a Independent Global Marketing Consultant promoting Edmark International Group of Companies Products .A 1984 Malaysian Established International Company in more than 29 Countries that is expanding operations in Zimbabwe . we are recruiting new distributors in the facilitation of wholesale & Retail distribution of Edmark Products in Zimbabwe and Worldwide   

Are you looking for part time work/or business full time?

Learn how you can earn an honest and steady income $50 – $200 a week.

Call / Whats App +263772 739 706 for more Info & Details

 Frequenlty Asked Questions:

Q:Why distribute Edmark products instead of other companies ?

Answer:Edmark International pays you 71% Total Profit with 9 Great bonuses there is no other company offering distributors such margins of profit.

Moreover, Edmark has a DOUBLE BONUS marketing Plan which means you get paid twice on every sale you make (Instant Cash $40 @counter for everysale,Weekly Commisions,Monthly Perfomance bonus.etc)

The company is now in over 29 countries with 53 Branches including here in Zimbabwe Harare and world wide which means you can do business globally via Internet (EDclick) .Thanks to referral Online Marketing

check out the website:

Edmark has ISO 22000 certified quality organic health products which are unique and easy to sell and has been in business for 34 years in the Health and Wellness Industry a 3.5 Trillion Dollar Industry World Wide.

This is the time to invest in a business of a lifetime.

Q:How much stock am I required to purchase?

Answer: To qualify for wholesale pricing, you are required to buy a Business Starter Kit at $99USD/( Ecocash /Bank Transfer/Swipe) this kit contains products that you can resell for profit and have your money back including marketing materials and a full lifetime Global distributorship membership to sell local and worldwide via Internet thanks to referral marketing.

Q:What do I need to start distributing?

Answer:You can simply start by purchasing 1 or 2 Boxes of Edmark's Products to test your market with just $11 or $22.

Write down a list of 100 names/ prospects/potential customers (family,friends)in your phone who enjoy living a Healthy life style by consuming organic health supplements for their health benefits Sell them at customer price/Retail price and get profit .Start with 50 Tea or Coffee Drinkers & 50 Business Buliders make them your clients and help them improve their Health

Q:I don’t have enough money to start distributing?

Answer:Its not a Money problem but an idea problem that we have .

Here's an idea: You can simple save or ask a friend for $11 dollars then you begin selling 1 box of our products then begin to raise the required starting capital of $99(Business Starter Kit).

Example: Buy a box of Healthy Ginseng Coffee/ Red Yeast Coffee or Red Bubble Tea at $11 wholesale then resell at $20 you keep the profit $9 ,then you do the same over and over untill you raise enough money to become a International Distributor(Business Starter Kit is $99). I will be happy to assist with more ideas on How To Get Started.

What people dont realise is that you are buying a Global Business Franchise System with just $99 that will change your entire Financial & Health life in 18 months to 2years .

Q:How is this payable?

Answer:You may use Cash, Ecocash or bank transfer swipe (dependent on availability.

Q:I have required capital and would like to commence distributing?

Answer:if you have the money now dont hasitate contact me now on:

0772 739 706

For more details please Call or whats App Now!! +263 772 739 706

Online Shopping right to your door step or to become a Global Distributor In South Africa,Nigeria,Tanzania and Malaysia click on the link below:

To know more about Edmark Products & Company


Call / Whats App +263772 739 706 Zimbabwe

              +9711559815924 Dubai

Kind regards dont let opportunity pass you by because of procastination.See you at the Top.

This article was published on 10.08.2018 by Tinashe Murerwa
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Edmark International - Health,Nutrition, 99 USD to join

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