How To Become The HUNTED Instead Of The Hunter

Are you sick and tired of chasing people, begging people, and trying to give away samples to build your business?

It seems that no matter how hard you try, no one is joining. No one wants to even try the product you are giving away for free.

Then you go and sink money into advertising, but nothing comes from it but more debt.

How can you get things turned around, and turned around fast?


Imagine now that instead of what you are doing, people are coming to you asking to join. Perhaps you check your email and see more people have signed up and you aren't even aware of who they are? But, they know you of course.

This is possible, and it is very possible once you know what you must do, and have the few tools you need to make it happen.

But let's first look at how you create this -


First mistake you may be making is you drive people away when you just go on and on about how wonderful your product is. They do not care.

Instead, you raise curiosity. You don't talk very much about it. You put out the Facebook post that never mentions a company, or a product, but instead has an interesting story that the reader can't help but to click and find out what happened.

That's a must if you want to become the hunted. But it is only a start.


You should always be giving value to the marketplace. This means when you work on your business, focus on how you can give to others, and never worry about how you will sell a product. Could you share tips that are related to your company and product, like weight loss tips?

Or how about giving away a free pdf file or ebook on tips to help people with the issues they face that your product can help? It starts with giving value, and getting an email address and/or phone number.


Having several valuable giveaways or offers that can help people in your niche is key. Using the internet to get the offer out is important.

You consistently make new blog posts, videos, and articles that people find online. If you keep your content everyday focused around something people would want to learn about, know, or solve a problem, they will opt-in for your offer.

These are people who do not know you, so they mostly assume you are the expert. So if you suggest the shake by XYZ company for weight loss, they are very much likely to buy it.

Use these names and email (possibly numbers) to build a list. An email list you can email daily with good value, suggestions for their problems, and tips. If you are mostly emailing them stuff they can benefit from, that once in a while email with a time limited offer will sell, and sell in large numbers.

THE 80/20 RULE

80% of your efforts should be giving away value and attracting people who could use your products or join your opportunity. 20% of your efforts are mentioning, suggesting, and talking about a product or opportunity.

You never need to go overboard with your opportunity. Once you have a list building strategy underway, just simply mentioning or putting your name on something will sell it.


You MUST be putting out good content that is not focused on hype, and doing it daily. Creating videos, blogs, your own website, or a business announcement on this website, is key. Always keep putting out content that people get benefit from.

For example:

This business announcement is telling you something that you wanted to know. Yet, when you look at the others, you mostly see hype of opportunities you are either not interested in or can't afford to get into. So those business announcements do you no good, and you don't waste your time reading them, right?

Yet, this business announcement has value. It gives value, and tips to help you solve a problem you face. 

Get the picture?

I just opened my email before coming here, and got yet another signup without even knowing the person or talking to the person. This is my reality and it is nearly everyday. So follow the same pattern, and strategies I use, and you too will have the same results.


If this helped, please leave a comment. Also, feel free to share this with your team as well, or on your favorite social media website.

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This article was published on 18.02.2016 by Jaye Carden
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