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You Already Know How to Succeed...

You Already Know How To Succed!
One day, a man went to a Pet store. 
While entering the pet store he
passed a talking parrot. 
The parrot looked at the man and said,
You’re the ugliest man I’ve ever seen,
it’s a shame how ugly you are.
The man was surprised by the parrot’s
The parrot went on to say,
You are so ugly; you are ridiculously ugly.
The parrot said,
It should be illegal for someone to be as
ugly as you
The man was upset and went to tell the store
owner what the parrot had told him.
After hearing what the parrot said, the store
owner became angry with the parrot;
he opened the parrot’s cage, grabbed the
parrot and shook him, feathers went a flying. 
The store owner told the parrot,
You better never call anyone ugly again
Then the store owner apologized to the man.
As the man was leaving the store, he was forced
to pass in front of the parrot’s cage one more time. 
As the man nervously approached the cage,
the parrot made eye contact with the man. 
The parrot looked the man in the eyes and said,
“…You know.”
In other words, the parrot was saying to the man,
you know you ugly, yeah, you just got me ’beat-up
by the store owner, but deep-down inside,
you know the truth, and the truth is you’re ugly.”
And this is what I’m saying to you,
you know what it takes to become a success;
you’re just acting like you don’t know. 
You’re trying to hide behind the intoxication
of ignorance, but,
…you know!
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You’re going to have to take the bold steps,
but if you take them,
and follow the simple guidelines,
success will be yours.
you know what to do, do it,
there are no excuses.

This article was published on 07.12.2015 by Yemisi Akintande
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