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1⃣Did you know you get small boxes of products(fantastic health supplements) worth the money you registered with for *your own personal use when you join SUPERLIFE? This means SUPERLIFE has not just your wealth making at heart but also your overall health too.*

2⃣Did you know in SUPERLIFE, there is no selling of products or need to repurchase products before you make the huge dollars? And did you even know SUPERLIFE uses 5.5 as its dollar exchange rate so members are paid much more? What that means is any bonus you see is multiplied by 5.5 as the cedi equivalent before being sent to your MTM Mobile Money or Bank Account. Isn't that SUPER AMAZING?

3⃣Did you know as you read this, there is no autoships, no reactivation charges, no demotions and no wiping of points in SUPERLIFE unlike other network marketing companies?

4⃣Did you know SUPERLIFE is currently *the ONLY* MultiLevel Marketing Company a person can *make money and withdraw that money* when you have not introduced someone yet if only you have spillovers *(in the form of pairing bonuses and roll up bonuses) AND YOU CAN ALWAYS WITHDRAW THOSE EARNINGS?* This is unique with SUPerLife. In fact SUPerLife came to make network marketing easier to gain and rise.

5⃣Did you know SUPERLIFE gives you additional bonus called Gift Points as your team grows. For each Pairing(Matching) Bonus of 42cedis you make, SUPERLIFE dashes(gives) you Gift Points(Gift Redemption Bonus) of 1.35dollars. So depending on the folds(multiples) of 42cedis you make each time, you get that fold(multiples) of the 1.35dollars Gift Redemption Bonus(Gift Points). So it means if you make a Pairing(Matching) Bonus of 840cedis, instantly, SUPERLIFE will additionally give you 1.35dollars×20=27dollars which will be part of your Gift Point(Gift Redemption Bonus). These Gift Redemption Bonuses can be used to redeem Laptop/Smartphone, A Travel or Tour(including Umrah, that is Hajj to Mecca for the moslems), Car and a House.

And as your team grows, SUPERLIFE really appreciates you with Gift Points, which with time, it rewards you with Laptop/Smartphone, A Travel or Tour(including Umrah, that is Hajj to Mecca for the moslems), Car and a House.

6⃣Did you know the Pairing(Development) Bonuses in SUPERLIFE is till infinity? This is called matching bonuses or indirect bonuses in other companies. In SUPERLIFE, you enjoy pairing bonuses till infinity.

7⃣For the first time in this industry, SUPERLIFE gives you two direct compensations when you are not selfish and share this opportunity with others and bring them into this business; first you get huge Direct Sponsorship Bonuses then you again get Gift Points(Gift Redemption Bonuses).

8⃣Did you know from 2020, SUPERLIFE will introduce another bonus called UNILEVEL BONUS, which will be a bigger bonus that all the other bonus but that one will be paid monthly unlike the other bonuses you make daily? Unilevel bonuses will be called based on the size of a person's team(the bigger the size of your team, the bigger your monthly Unilevel Bonus); one main reason many people are actively buiding strong and big teams now. This means SUPERLIFE has even bigger plans for you as time goes on.

 ```So what are you still waiting for? Start where you are with the highest package you can truly afford because the health and wealth you will realise from being a partner of SUPERLIFE is enormous. Even if raising the money to pick the package you can truly afford now will cause you some discomfort, still do all you can to be part of this. Because it is better to experience temporary discomfort to achieve a great dream, than permanent comfort without any great fulfillment. That's the way to live.




This article was published on 07.03.2019 by Dani Gh
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