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Weight loss industry to get turned on its head. Really?

Have you ever wondered why when people start on a weight loss program some people lose and others don’t? Could this be why product formulators and/or researchers bring something new to the market every so often because they don’t work for everyone? And then when they quit the fat comes back with a vengeance? They’ve gained more than they lost.

There are presently 59 pages of networkers in mlmgateway who market one kind of weight loss or another. That is 59 pages of 50 people who have found the weight loss industry to be very worthwhile.

What if there were a discovery of a new technology that will turn the weight loss industry on its head? You may be saying to yourself that I must be crazy. What I’m talking about is on the same level as going from a rotary phone to a cell phone of today. A cell phone 30 years ago was beyond comprehension. Today adults, teens and yes, even children have a cell phone with them wherever they go.

Weight loss is a $200B industry that is expected to expand to nearly $300B in the near future. 70% of Americans need it, 45% will engage, but 90% will experience only temporary results. But the industry has just been turned upside down by this new technology that gives results in days. Every body who has used it is seeing results in a matter of days. Jenny had to buy new jeans after just one week. The CEO of the company lost 10 pounds and the Vice president lost 20 pounds in 2 weeks.

What is this you ask? Nikola Tesla discovered that everything operates on frequencies. Yes, this is a technology discovered that long ago and is just now being perfected and being brought to market.

The sun emits energy that plants absorb then is eaten by humans or other animals. A brilliant researcher who has studied this science of energy vibrations for over 40 years has been able to put the energy the body uses to balance sleep and body fat to lean muscle ratio into a structured water.

This structured water is then sprayed under the tongue, and you let the body go to work doing as it was designed.

 I've tightened my belt a notch in only 4 days and I’m at an age where it is considered hard to lose.  Do you suppose finding the energy vibrations that correct the way the body loses and corrects fat accumulation or loss would be a weight loss program you could see yourself promoting? Could this be your "Opportunity of a Lifetime"?

The company is growing exponentially in the last week. You may not jump on now. That’s fine. Where will you be this time next year when you think “I could have gotten started a year ago.”

Let’s talk. Message me. I’ll put you in the funnel to bring you up to speed so you can get started.

This article was published on 06.04.2022 by Doug Dye
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