Pay yourself first

Real experience with the other cable and satellite  providers as well as the steaming providers:

I was paying over $500+ dollars a month for service to keep my family comfortable and entertained. I paid about $300+ dollars a month for cable.

Has anybody had the same experience?

I am on a mission to reduce my spending so that I have more money left over in my pocket.

So I started with the tv.. local tv is not all its cracked up to be anymore. The cable or satellite TV service providers are breaking the consumers pocket every single month. It is really crazy that we spend a car note, a mortgage, or a tuition just for entertainment such as this.

Robert T. Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad (9-9-2002), educated us on financial education. He indicated that in order to began to be rich. We would need to change our financial mindset.

When we consider to change our financial mindset, first thing is to cut back on certain nice to haves such as TV services. Then we all can began doing what Mr. Kiyosaki advised us to do:

1. Reduce spending
2. Pay yourself first
3. Invest your money you paid yourself (stocks, IRAs, Real estate, start a homebase business)
4. Make your money work for you.

By investing in Vstream you clearly cut your spending on tv, cable, streaming services from providers, and satellite service enough where you can pay yourself.

For an example:

I paid $500.00 a month for service for a year:

$500.00 x 12 months is $6000.00 a year

So for someone looking to keep a liitle bit of their income, this becomes extremely difficult.

But, what if you invest in VStream at a one-time fee of $400.00

$6000.00 year or $400.00 a year?

$6000.00 - 400.00 = $5600.00 SAVINGS the first year

A $6000.00 savings ever year after that. 

Now you can pay yourself, right?

Of course,  you will only need wi-fi and internet to establish connection for streaming which I pay $50.00 a month. 

Never pay for cable again. 

Save the money you burn up in a high priced ever evolving cable bill.

I don't  know about you, but I can stand to reduce my spending one bill at a time. Starting with that cable bill.

So, what's  my plan? 

I am using Vstream....... 

What is Vstream?

The VStream TV Media Center is the newest generation of multimedia player and entertainment gateway for your TV!

The latest technology based on the Android system enables many applications including web browsing, 2D & 3D games, video chat, and other streaming applications to view your favorite TV Shows and movies!
This article was published on 26.06.2016 by Lawrence Loftley Jr
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