Wow Xceltrip Putting A Personal Touch On Travel

Wow Xceltrip Putting A Personal Touch On Travel

I just wanted to let everyone I can know about this opportunity with Xceltrip. If you are a hotel owner, Work in the travel industry or are just a traveler then you want to check this out. Xceltrip is personalizing travel in a way that makes travel seamless. This is going to change the face of travel. 

So what is Xceltrip??? Xceltrip is a travel website that will dominate world travel. Right now they are taking on independent marketing partners for free and even giving you 100 free Digital Currency tokens to redeem for travel or Currency. These tokens will be worth 22 cents to start but when it is released at the end of February that value is expected to rise. 22 cents each could easily reach heights that will make you wish you had signed up or be glad you did. Which do you want to be. They are literally paying you to sign up how often does that happen.

Now when you sign up you are able to sign up other IMPs and get a bonus of 50 tokens for everyone that you get in to being an independent marketing partner. Also when you get vendors or hotels so list their properties or hotels and motels you get 200 bonus tokens.Plus you get 2.5% of any booking made through Xceltrip, For Life. That is true residual income for life. 

Now your probably asking what does Xceltrip do for the Vendor. Well that is the best part and why Xceltrip is going to dominate the travel industry. Because of their merchant processing options it takes the middle mans cut out of the equation and allows transactions to be made world wide from person to person making world travel seamless. This saves the traveler money and confusion and puts the transaction in the hands of the vendors. Also with to digital currency platform that takes out the confusion of currency difference because we not have a decentralized currency making this decentralized travel. Now that is amazing !!!!      

I just want to encourage you to take advantage of getting a bonus just to sign on with them. and take advantage of the bonuses to sign on the people you know. That is right you sign up and get 100 tokens to sign on and then 50 for every friend you refer to sign on. You are also going to receive 200 tokens for every vendor you get to list with xceltrip Plus 2.5% of the bookings made through xceltrip for life. So just get in and tell your friends and business owners to get in. You do not want to look back and wish that you had you want to be glad you did when you get involved. 

Sign up here and receive your bonus to start today!!!!
This article was published on 12.01.2018 by Paul Rankin Jr.
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